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Malaka Spice is an award winning restaurant which dishes out some great “Inspired” South East Asian cuisine; they started operations in Pune in the year 1997 and have branches in Pune and Goa before opening their first in Hyderabad & 6th overall

Following is the review of the lunch that we had on the 6th of Nov’16

Ambiance:  As soon as I first stepped into Malaka Spice I saw a fully decorated cycle rickshaw, kept for visual appeal and for taking pictures. They have also made provision to combat sultry and dry weather by installing water spray mists which helps cool the ambient temperature to a large extent. The outside seating area is pleasant with lanterns affixed on the tree which would be an amazing sight in the evenings.


They prominently display picture frames of their accomplishments of their different outlets. Last but not the least, the inside walls of the restaurant is adorned with paintings made by upcoming artists who want to feature their work and sell them. With a seating capacity of 250+ which includes a PDR and 1st floor which would have a separate section of liquor


Service: Mr. Piyush Deshmukh  who is the Business and Process Development Manager – Previously with JW Marriott before moving to Malaka (Pune) 2 years back and currently in Hyderabad since 3 months to help establish this branch made sure that every item that was being served was explained and took feedback positively. The waiters were at out beck and call and made that the dishes served were visually appealing and presentable for the photo sessions


7 of us were present to try out their menu and we started our lunch with

Top Hat (Veg/Chi/Lamb) : Yummy Fried cups stuffed with sprouts, minced vegetables and herbs. It was a good start but I preferred the Minced Chicken and Mutton version. 6 Pieces are served in a special wooden holder and it is recommended to have it quickly as the outer fried portion tends to get soft due to the stuffing inside


Pumpkin Chips: This was the first time I was having anything related to pumpkin in this sort of way. Thin slices of Pumpkin are cut into the traditional chip shape and fried and then garnished with Basil. It was unusual but tasty


Lotus Stem Tango: This is a very healthy item to have, rich in essential minerals like zinc, magnesium, copper and iron, which help the body in the production of red blood cells. The Lotus stem (Kamal Khakri/Kakdi) is cut into small size and fried with sweet and tangy sauce . Found it to be very tasty


D for Dumpling (Prawns) – Name sounds like it just came out of the alphabet book. Steam prawn dumpling was served with red tomato salsa. Didn’t find the taste that appealing to want more


Thai Mutton Chops:  Soft and succulent mutton chops which is grilled and has a peppery taste, we had a mixed reaction to this dish as few pieces were not cooked properly. Feedback was passed along to the chef on the same, as we had other dishes on their way we didn’t order for a repeat


Grilled Chicken Skewers:  Skewers are a common starter item found in south eastern cuisine, it is to be had with the peanut sauce. However, there was no salt present in the dish


Chicken Thigh Thai: Chicken Thigh pieces marinated with basil, Thai chilies,lime , garlic and then grilled. Even this dish lacked salt


Murtabak Mutton: Also known as Muttabaq, a popular Muslim/Arab dish where a pancake is stuffed with meat and then cut into smaller squares. This was tasty but it could have tasted better with Garlic sauce



Malaka Thai Iced Tea: A brewed tea with sweet condensed milk combo , didn’t find it that great


Paradise Passion: The pinkish red hue was quite a visual treat but the taste was just okay


Peach Ice Tea: This was a refreshing drink for me, perfectly made with just the right amount of ice tea powder.



The Malaka Tom Kha Phak: Full flavor of galangal along with Lime and Coriander in coconut milk. Galangal is also called as Laos root- Tasts similar to ginger, used frequently in Indonesian and Malaysian cuisines


Tom Yum Phad: Lemon grass, lime, fresh chillies, coriander and galangal


These two were very flavorful

Madurasi: A semi clear soup with lemon grass, ginger and chilies along with chunks of chicken was not so great in taste against the previous two


Tangy Green Papaya Salad:  First thing you notice when you see this dish is peanuts spread across a small pile of fresh shredded green papaya. Seasoned with chilli and tangy lime gives this salad a nice touch overall


Main Course:

Stir Fry – Veg : Broccoli with Whole Garlic – This is perhaps the most simple and easy dish to make in their entire arsenal . Crunchy broccoli along with whole garlic with a helping of soy sauce for flavor. Vegetarians would love it , I enjoyed it as well but it wouldn’t be something that I would order  specifically


Stir Fry – Chicken: Honey Garlic Chilli Chicken – Sliced chicken tossed with brocooli , red capsicum, fresh chilies and garlic , prepared in honey and black bean sauce and sesame oil

Curries from Southeast Asia: Malaka Kari Kapitan – 20 delicate spices mixed with ground cashew nuts in coconut curry. One of the most flavorful dishes of the day. We were supposed to pour this dish on the Roti Jhalas and it tasted amazing


Curries from Southeast Asia: Malaka Thai Red Curry(Fish) – The heading on this page states that we do not use any canned gunk and preservatives. They create their own fresh curry paste and true to that fact this dish tasted was amazing. Red chillies with a host of other spices ground to a paste and cooked with fish in a rich stew of coconut milk and basil

Coriander Rice: Just a simple dish where rice is tossed and garnished with fresh coriander


Phad Thai Noodles with Crunchy Peanuts: We had flat noodles with crunchy ground nuts , tamarind and vinegar. The peanuts added a different flavor to it but I was too full to even attempt past 1 spoon of this



Roti Jhala: This is an inhouse innovation which is a visual wonder and a gastronomical delight. Yellow colored light laced crisp Net crepes drew everyone’s attention. One portion of it is equal to one roti. The main course gravy is supposed to be poured onto the roti and had hot. Simply amazing, must try


Roti Kanai: It is just a malay paratha which is cooked on a hot tava/griddle




Date & Coconut roll: Pitted dates are mashed in a food processor and added to coconut powder, very tasty and amazing

Chocolate Brownie with Ice cream:  One of the best brownie’s that I had in recent times. Slightly heated in a microwave so that its texture is not too hard to cut through. Tried it with Vanilla Ice cream and then coconut ice cream . Simply Marvelous


Paan Ice cream: Paan(Betel leaf) is blended using a food processor into the ice cream itself. The smell itself gives away the superb taste you are about to have. Every bite was a delight. They procure this from a small vendor in Pune as part of their initiative to empower small business grow more



Overall: One of the few places where everything is just right.




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