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Punjab Grill

Punjab Grill, A fine dine restaurant whose franchises are very popular across the north opens its new outlet in the city of the Nizam’s. Featuring some authentic Punjabi and north Indian fare with a modern twist

Ambiance: The décor and ambiance is amazing, wood panel work all across, elegant chairs and royal style cutlery, PDR’s for those private gatherings or catching up with your friends to watch the matches on LCD’s . The amount of time , effort and money spent in the right way can work wonders on the aesthetic appeal of the place and they score high on this aspect


Service: One of the few places where the service staff actually knows what they are serving  Had asked one of staff about Bhatti da Murgh and he explained the dish briefly which was a plus in my book. During the entire course of our dinner they were very attentive to our requests and quite fast with the service

Food: The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Punjabi Food is the usage of Tandoor and Butter. Their dishes are rich in taste and definitely high on calorie count (Who’s counting anyways) . A gathering of 7 descended  one evening to try out their signature offering , what ensued was definitely a gastronomical experience to remember

Review follows:


Murgh Tikka Punjab Grill – Chicken chunks steeped in a blend of cumin, cream, cheddar cheese and garlic before being lightly roasted in tandoor. Very flavorful and nicely marinated, the taste was present in every bite. Delicious!!!


Murgh Tikka Punjab Grill

Bhatti da Murgh – Discover the taste of decadence, Juicy chicken legs, marinated in exotic spiced yoghurt and mugga, completed to a crisp finish on the Bhatti. One of their popular offerings and the spices used were slightly different in a good sort of the way than what I am used in the other Punjabi outlets I have been to. If you love yummy and juicy chicken legs like me then this is the dish for you.


Bhatti Da Murgh

Amritsari fish – River sole dipped in ajwain flavored gram flour batter and deep fried to a crunchy gold finish. This was clearly the second best dish of the evening after Chaamp Tajdar. Soft pieces of fish with a slight crunchy texture, fried perfectly


Amritsari Fish

Tandoori Chicken- Classic Punjabi temptation, chicken chunks marinated in herbs till they turn saffron, roasted to smoky succulence in the tandoor. Punjabi cuisine is known for their tandoori chicken and they ensured that this dish follows the same original norms and be tasty


Tandoori Chicken

Chaamp Tajdar

Lamb chops absorb the flavors of cloves, black cardamom, and kasoori methi, gradually braised and grilled in the tandoor, truly A punjabi dish where lamb chops are marinated and get the flavor of cloves, black cardamom and kasoori meethi, then it is gradually braised and grilled in the tandoor

This dish came well recommended and is a must try on all accounts, mutton is not my first preference when it comes to meat, all that changed as soon as I tasted this dish. Amazing flavorful spices rich in taste brings out a superior product to relish.


Chaamp Tajdar


Main Course

Meat Punjab Grill – Lamb shanks slow cooked on the low heat of an angeethi . Spices dominated this dish and I absolutely loved it. The meat was soft and tender , the gravy was thick and very tasty


Meat Punjab Grill

Dhaniya mirchi ka kukkad – Succulent chicken drumsticks simmered in a stock rich in cinammon,whole coriander and mace. spiked with green chillies. This was the only dish that I didn’t like as it had a bitter after taste due to coriander ( Individual Perceptions)


Dhaniya Mirchi Ka Kukkad

Both the main courses were served with Naan (Butter & Garlic)


Meetha Paan mojito, Fruit Punch, Rola cola,Kheera Jeera, Dhaniya Patta

Most of the mocktails were good, Kheera Jeera being the top favorite as it had nice flavor and very refreshing, Dhaniya patta was good but had a slight bitter after taste, Meetha Paan Mojito had all the flavor and smell of meetha paan – a unique concept executed nicely. Fruit punch and Rola cola were not so appealing for me


Dhaniya Patta



Kheera Zeera



Meetha Paan Mojito



Rola Cola



Watermelon Cooler



The dessert platter is a good deal if you want to try their signature offerings in one go

Firni – A rice custard dish cooked with milk very popular in Punjab and usually served in earthen bowls traditionally but difficult to maintain them logistically hence our normal cutlery has to suffice. Great option to try for all the dessert lovers



Gulab Jamun – When you think that you have had this dish all your life at most of the outlets and have pretty much given up on getting a good taste, you can be dead wrong here. Soft, warm and tasty pieces with nutella in the middle along with some white chocolate makes it  yummy and tasty


Gulab Jamun

Badami Kheer – Rice , milk, khowa, cream with almonds. Heavy and heavenly


Badami Kheer

Litchi ki Tehri – Rich cream based dessert with litchi topping, just delicious


Litchi ki Tehri

Special thanks to Bhargavi Yerram who ensured that we had a great dinner. Her noteworthy credentials include being the Franchise owner of Punjab Grill Hyderabad & Managing director of Beyond Food where they offer innovative and unique dining concepts in the ever expanding restaurant sector, add a Master’s degree from U.K to that experience and you have a person who knows what is needed to run a successful fine dine restaurant

Overall: The place, the food, the ambiance, the quantity along with the service was top notch. As it is a Fine dine restaurant the dishes are on the expensive side and the lunch buffet doesn’t have their signature dishes present on the menu.

Recommendations: Chaamp Tajdar, Murgh Tikka Punjab Grill , Amritsari fish

Ambiance – 5/5, Service – 5/5, Food – 4.5/5, Desserts- 4/5 , Overall : 4.5/5



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