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Tolichowki Food Guide


The next best thing after Charminar area to satiate your food craving is the Tolichowki food court which has become a food haven for the foodies offering a multitude of cuisines to choose from.

The following is my guide to exploring the food scene in and around Tolichowki area

Rumaan Hotel: A beef lover’s paradise, try their beef Haleem during Ramadan season or Khichdi Khatta Kheema(Beef) which is available as early as 5am in the mornings every day. Talahuwa Gosht , Beef biryani, Irani Chai are the other favorites you can try here.

*If love for food presides over the place and ambiance then visit this place & no family section available

Ice & Spice: One of the best places to try Chicken Shawarma, Veg Falafel, Veg and Non Veg Muttabbaq, Shawarma Sahan, Falafel Sahan, Arabian Shawarma

Al Zaara Mathbaq Al Mandi: One of the few places in Tolichowki area that serves Mandi in the traditional setup of sitting on the floor and eating food in a big plate. Things to try here are Laham Mandi & Fish Mandi

*Family section lacks proper ventilation, service is slow & staff untrained

4 seasons: A place where you get good Indian and Arabic food, try their Mezze platters from the exclusive menu section, Arabic mixed grilled platter or Sea food platter as the starters, Khabsa laham, Laham Mandi , Chicken or Mutton Biryani as the main course, followed by Umm ali , Badami Kheer or Qubani ka meetha as desserts. Huge seating area spanning 3 floors, but on weekends it is still not enough, option to book a table in advance is available

Mak’s Kitchen:  Try their Patthar ka Gosh (Available in the evenings) ,Chapli Kebab & Chinese dishes. Not so crowded, good place for quiet family dinners

Shah Ghouse: During Ramadan, Haleem is a must try and do not forget to try their Khichdi Khatta & Kheema available at 3am for Sehri (Meal time before fasting begins). During normal days the same Khichdi Khatta & Kheema is available from 5 am onwards along with Nihari,Paya, Zabaan, Gurda Bhaji

They serve Biryani from 11:30-12pm onwards till 2-3am in the night and a definite thing to try here along with the Chai and the kebab platter

Siddique Kebab Center:  Strapped for cash then this is the place to be, amazing food at low prices. You get grilled chicken, chicken fry, chicken 65, kebabs, tandoori chicken. Small menu but every items is tasty

Mandar: Specializes in Indian, Mughlai & Chinese and now Arabic as well. You can try their Biryani and Mandi

Kabul Darbar:  Opened few weeks back and serves the same menu as the lakdi ka pul branch. Things to try is the Sajji grill chicken & their kebabs

Nice Juice Center: Famous for their savories, chaats, juices and fruit salad’s. All the items on the menu are good, few which stand out are Mulberry with cream, Taftian, Arabian Salad, Dry fruit shakes, sitaphal juice, Chilgoza, Majuma zalzala


These are little further away from Tolichowki but worth being on this post

Mohammedia Shawarma: Located at Retibowli , this place serves good chicken shawarma’s in all three variants of bread (Samoli- Hot dog bun, Rumali Roti , Khuboos – Pita Bread) , try their special shawarma which has just meat and no vegetables

Marhaba: A popular Arabic food outlet serving Shawarma, Mutabbaq, Arabic shawarma & Mandi and all items on the menu are good to try

Al Hejaz: A budget friendly sandwich shop which serves middle eastern cuisine, small menu and all items are good to try, recommended is to try their falafel sabbah which is basically a falafel & egg sandwich


Mezbaan Hyderabad Restaurant

When you are missing your favorite dish back home (Hyderabad,India) and had to start looking for it in Sharjah,  I ended up searching on Zomato about good biryani outlets nearby and this was one of the names that came up to try.

As home delivery option was available and the weather was hot and sultry we decided to order in. I ordered their famous chicken dum biryani while my sister decided to order Schezwan (chi) fried rice,chicken tikka masala along with Butter naan & Garlic naan. We received the order in about 30 min or so and it was still piping hot

The smell of the chicken biryani was emanating from the packet and it made me crave it even more.Ignoring my other family members I decided to start with the biryani immediately and dug in. Honestly speaking it was authentic dum biryani the spices were correctly used, no excessive use of Daalchini (Cinnamon) , the meat was soft and succulent which would only happen if it was made correctly. The long grain basmati rice carried the flavor of spices used properly and tasted well on its own without the use of Mirchi ka salan or the Dahi ki chutney.
Mirchi ka salan was not up to the mark as it was too dilute, it appeared that the usage of lemon to make it more tangy was the cause. Dahi ki chutney a.k.a raita was good


Chicken Biryani

they also give salad along with the biryani pack, it had carrot, cabbage, Cucumber and 1 slice of onion, I would have preferred if they gave more onions instead of cabbage

The schezwan fried rice was good and tasted amazing. The tangy sauce given with it was bland and didn’t serve its purpose of enhancing the food or the experience in any way. The color of the rice was a very bright red which was the brightest I ever saw being used in a food dish. Overall it tasted well so no complaints on that aspect

We had asked for a boneless chicken curry and were suggested this dish and this turned out to be very tasty. The roti was still hot as they were nicely wrapped in aluminium foil and were ideal for this dish. The masala or the gravy part is made by using tomatoes, cream, onions, cardamom , chili’s etc and was so tasty that it was finished first before the chicken.

Our second order was placed a week later for Chicken Tikka Masala and Khatti Dal along with Tandoori Roti. We asked them specially to make it spicy and it turned out amazing. Couldn’t have asked for more tasty and yummy dishes. The Khatti Dal especially was exactly like the one traditionally made at Muslim household’s in Hyderabad.


Chicken Tikka Masala



Khatti Dal

Final verdict : To satiate your craving for authentic Hyderabadi dum biryani, this is one of the best outlets to get it from.


Mezbaan Hyderabad Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Golconda Paradise

Golconda Paradise – When I first heard the name of this place it reminded of two places in Hyderabad. Golconda hotel and Paradise hotel and this place was no exception to the name as they served amazing food which was a blessing to my palate

Eating good food or trying new places doesn’t require any reason but this time it was a treat from my brother in law for his new job. Landed there for Dinner at 7pm and the place was half full but still bustling with activity as the take away guys appeared to be in full swing moving in and out at regular intervals.

The place by itself is a medium size outlet with an inside seating which can accommodate 40-50 people , there are tables on the outside as well which can handle 10-15 more. Based on the weather the outside seating can be a good option to choose

Ambiance is well lit up, with sofa style seating at one side and wooden chairs on the other.

We were quickly seated and got handed the menu card. First thing that caught my eye was the Haleem which is available on Thursday and Friday. Quickly checked with the waiter and got the good news that it is available. Asked the waiter to first get us Haleem while we scour the menu for the other dishes to order.



Haleem is a dish quite popular in Hyderabad during the Ramadan season. A traditional wheat & mutton delicacy which takes a long time to make and quite nutritious. The traditional style of making it takes 10-12 hours at least to get the thick consistency. When it is ready they keep it on low simmering charcoals to keep it warm.

We got our haleem dish in few minutes while we were still discussing our order. Haleem turned out to be amazing, right amount of meat to wheat ratio, consistency, color, taste was to the point.

Decided to order Chilly fish, Chicken tikka lababdar, loose prawns along with tandoori roti and end the meal with some chicken biryani.

The starters were all wonderful Chilly fish being the favorite and loose prawns was a close second. The main course of Chicken tikka labadar was supposed to be different dish altogether, however didn’t find much difference in taste to the chicken tikka masala that I am used to eating. It was still tasteful so it didn’t matter much


Loose Prawns



Chicken Tikka Lababdar


Chilly Fish

Chilly Fish

Biryani was the surprise element at the end, what they serve here is very similar to the ones that we get at Muslim weddings in Hyderabad, India. Amazing taste along with soft tender chicken marinated to perfection


Chicken Biryani

Overall a great place to have Biryani and Haleem – Hyderabadi iStyle

Golconda Paradise Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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