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Almond House

Almond house has been in Hyderabad for 29 years now, started by Chaitanya Muppala’s father and now being run by Chaitanya himself who is a stickler for hygiene and perfection when it comes to anything that is being served at Almond House

Their flag ship store at KPHB is a testament to the fact that they wanted to perfect their dishes and then expand and it took them close to 10 years for this branch to come up (Planning, Saving, Construction, Designing. Machinery Setup etc. ) and it is amazing to say the least.

Their “Kitchen First” policy is one of the best things that can happen to any Mithai store as the focus is properly aligned to how they are made rather than how it looks or presented in a fancy store or boxes. Add the fact that they are vying for HACCP( Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) certification soon which would ensure that every product manufactured has gone through a rigorous quality control check point in a controlled sterilized environment.

Our visit started with a small intro session with Chaitanya who explained the concept behind this new venture and what he has in store for us.

The welcome drinks

Masala Chaas – It was good , but a little extra green chilli and spices would have given it a kick as I like mine a tad spicy

Sweet Lassi – Should have thicker consistency

Maska Chaska Aam – Delicious mango flavored which is seasonal and refreshing, do try it

Pomegranate Jaljeera – Amazing tangy taste

Cold Coffee – Subtle taste of coffee which is not too overpowering on the taste buds, non-coffee folks would enjoy it, coffee addicts might find weak for their palate

Then the Kitchen visit began….

Kitchen head caps and shoe coverings are a mandate as you enter a thorough clean environment,  they have Air conditioned Finishing and packaging rooms, air is filtered , humidity controlled, fresh air is sterilized with UV light , air quality and microbial content is checked on weekly basis. Health checks and screening for infectious diseases for all food handlers are done at regular intervals

This reminded me of Hollywood movies where they show research and production labs with this type of environment

We saw fresh Kaju Katli, Motichur Laddo, Chikki, Biskit, Puri’s of Pani Puri , Badam Ki Jali and I got to taste all of these. One word to describe it “AMAZING”


Came back to the ground floor to snack on some of the chat delicacies as part of their new venture “Gappe Vappe” Chaatwala

and we were served…

PaniPuri Bharaniwala – Puri along with 3 variety of Pani (Pomegranate Chaska, Bondi Khatta, Aam Khatta)  along with Aloo, Chana and Imli & Ginger Khatta – The Pani would have to be a little spicy as Telangana folks are used to spice in all their dishes

Paneer Kathi Kebab with Rumali Roti – The name itself is quite explanatory, the batter coating on the paneer had less amount of salt as per me.

Sev Puri – This was one of the best dishes on the day, just loved the taste. Suggested to try a slightly thicker Puri as the base which can also help in not getting soggy quickly.

Matar Kachori Chat – Flattened kachori with matar and other spicy ingredients on top made this delicious

Pav Bhaaji Fondue – The Pav was fresh and soft but the Bhaaji could have been spicy and tangy. Concept is nice and unique, just a small tweek on spice is required


Watermelon Rosgulla – 7 kgs of Water Melon goes into making just half of kg of this dish, a different take on the regular rosgulla you get to it in the market


Ginger Rosgulla – Was skeptical on trying this thinking that the ginger flavor would be too over powering but it turned out to be quite subtle.

Sondesh – delicious bengali sweet, popular all over India and abroad. It is often made for festive and special occasions, it has paneer in it but they added Mango to it and made something which is already delicious into something exquisite








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Mandi@36 Arabian Kitchen

Faham Chicken

When someone asks me to visit an Arabian restaurant , lot of things run in my mind about the food that they might be offering. Authentic or Indianized, Seating, Ambiance Etc.

This new place which is hardly 5 months old checks all the boxes. One of the best Arabian foods that I have had in recent times

Detailed review follows…

Ambiance: Table and Traditional Floor seating setup, Good ambiance and cleanliness, great to visit with family

Service: Staff is well trained to suggest what to order and adept at explaining what kinda dishes they have, which is missing across many other restaurants in the city


Mandi with Chicken (Faham), Fish, Mutton : All three meats were very juicy, tasty and delicious, rice was flavorful as well



The mutton soup was one of the best being served across other Hyderabad Mandi places, it was a little salty for me but very tasty

Mutton Soup

Mutton Soup

Faham Chicken (Starter) yet to be added to the menu – Recommended by the Owner Syed Waris. This was the surprise element of the evening. The creamy gravy on the chicken was downright addictive and superb.Extremely delicious dish and a must must try.

Faham Chicken

Faham Chicken

Desserts: Tried the Baklava and didn’t like it that much, desserts are procured from other vendors, would have to wait for their in house delicacies to start



Overall : One of the best places in Hyderabad to visit with your family for some lip smacking Mandi



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Karim’s is considered to be one of the legendary places to visit in Delhi, known to serve delicious Mughlai food. Their branches are located across Delhi and other northern parts of India. South had been deprived of their cuisine until now…

2’nd week of October saw their first branch in South India being launched at Podium Mall in Tolichowki, Hyderabad. Our visit to this outlet was on the 23’rd and it was definitely a good experience

Detailed review follows…

We started of our meal with soup, Gosht(Lamb) ka shorba & Murgh(Chi.) ka shorba. Both the broth were the same with addition of Lamb & Chicken in it. Still it was nice and flavorful, the hyderabadi marag is like a semi-clear broth while this is a little thicker in consistency and less on the spice aspect. Overall they have just three options in soup category the other which we didn’t try was the tamatar ka garam ras – Basically your run of the mill tomato soup

Gosht(Lamb) ka shorba

Coming to the starters the list is long and we loved most of the things that we had ordered
especially Mutton Burra – Marinated, skewered, roasted, medium spiced and charred in the tandoor, this lamb on the bone which is one of their signature dishes is definitely delicious and recommended.

Mutton Burra

Tandoori Rann – Leg of lamb marinated overnight and then roasted to perfection in a tandoor. The marination was perfect as each and every bite was quite flavorful and very succulent

Tandoori Rann

Tandoori Murgh – The Hyderabadi version of this dish is quite spicy and their version is slightly less on the spice level but equally flavorful

Tandoori Murgh

Dil pasand sheek kebab – This is the usual sheek kebab that you can get but the only let down was the green mint chutney which accompanied it. Totally watery – huge scope of improvement there

Dil pasand sheek kebab

Murgh Tikka – This was good but medium/less on the spice levels, when compared to the hyderabadi version very mild.

Fish Tikka – The only dish that disappointed, big chunks of boneless fish but the marination was not proper as the flavor was very mild and didn’t seep inside. Smaller pieces or lenghtier time for marination would help

For the main course

Dil Bahar Do Pyaaza (Stew) – A lamb onion curry, traditionally it has green chillies, red chillies(whole and powder), tumeric, ginger & garlic chopped making it more on the spicy side however Karim’s version is a tad medium (Very less for my palate though) and would definitely be liked by the general public

Dil Bahar Do Pyaaza (Stew)

Jahangiri Murgh – Boneless chicken pieces marinated with Yoghurt, tikka masala. It went well with the Khameri naan and butter naan we had ordered. Again medium on the spice level

Jahangiri Murgh

Laham Mandi – I found the rice to be yummy and perfect, the mutton however can be improved a little to be made more softer

Laham Mandi

Mutton Biryani – They have a Hyderabadi chef making this dish here and it is quite good, but the Mirchi ka Salan exceeded my expectations and I can say it is now in the top 5 places where you get the best one

Mutton Biryani

Small portion of Mutton Nihari(Northern Style) & Mutton Khorma were given across and they both were pretty delicious , the mutton pieces were soft but the flavor of the curry/spices hadn’t quite seeped into the meat which could have made the dish more tastier

Mutton Nihari

Limited options for dessert where we were served Badam Kund and Kaddu ka Halwa. Badam Kund was one of the best ones that I had in recent times, khowa and almond ratio was perfect which made the dish even more enjoyable.

Kaddu ka Halwa

Badam Kund

Highlights: Mutton Burra,Mutton Rann, Mandi, Dil Bahar Do Pyaaza and Badam Kund are my recommendations.


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Patthar Ka Gosht

When you talk about Hyderabadi cuisine first thing that pops up in our mind is Biryani, but there are many other popular dishes that the city of Nizam’s has to offer. Here is one tasty dish that most of you might have tried already:

“Patthar Ka Gosht” an Urdu name which when translated means Meat on Stone due to the preparation procedure of this dish.

Origins (Folklore): During one of the hunting expeditions the Nizam wanted to eat lamb and the royal cook didn’t have all the equipment handy to honor his request. To save his own skin he asked the royal guards to search and get him a flat mountain granite so that he can cook on it. The makeshift method worked and the Nizam liked the dish so much that it made to his table regularly after coming back from the hunt

Procedure: An unpolished thick granite stone is used and lots of hot charcoal placed beneath it, boneless meat ideally lamb which is marinated with ginger garlic paste, red chilli, turmeric, green chilli  and kept aside for 4-5 hours (addl. Papaya is used as a meat tenderizer and the margination process gets done in 15-20 minutes). The pieces of meat are placed on the slab when it is hot and allowed to cook until it is dry and slightly crisp

The uneven surface of the stone and the placement of the hot charcoal beneath have an effect on how the final dish would turn out. Application of ghee and knowing when to turn or flip the meat to ensure it is cooked properly is an art and very few restaurants in the city are adept at doing it.

Usage of Stone: The thickness of the stone slab makes a huge amount of difference in the cooking time as a thicker stone would take longer time to heat up and would require higher temperature to be maintained via charcoal & less cost effective. Thinner slabs take less time to heat up but they crack under higher heat conditions as most vendors use them for extended hours for business.
Most of the stones are procured from Rajasthan and Mumbai but few people prefer to import it from Arab countries as they don’t crack under extreme heat conditions. The stone in itself is quite heavy ranging from 15-20kgs to a whopping 50kgs as well.

Charcoal vs Gas based: Heating the stone via charcoal takes time and requires constant monitoring of temperature so that it doesn’t overheat and burn the meat. The slow cooking method is tasty as the meat is well cooked over a long period of time. Commercially, it is not viable for many restaurants as customers who want to have it don’t prefer to wait longer duration to get served.

Few places where they make it in the traditional way:

Bade Miyan Kebabs – Tankbund

Shahi Dastarkhwan

Mak’s Kitchen








Biryani Ghar

When I asked for a feedback about this place from a foodie friend , I got an immediate reply that the biryani is plain and simple with less amount of spices and upon further inquiry found that he likes the biryani at Kritunga and Sri Kanya where it is full of spices & garam masala which is nowhere close to what a hyderabadi dum biryani is supposed to be.

The spice quotient in a biryani is on the rise and commercial establishments are modifying their original recipes to cater to this demand. Double Masala the word is quite prominent and I also use it every time when I order unfortunately

Long story short, if you are going to this place with that mindset (Double masala/Spicy) then don’t go. You will find the “Muslim marriage/functions/home made style” biryani here which is less or moderate on spice but great on flavor

Menu is small but covers all aspects of a complete meal. Place is nicely decorated and has traditional seating on the ground and table dining setup as well. It has less seating capacity and can get full easily but what they serve sure packs a punch.

For starters we ordered Tawa Machi, Bhuna Chicken, Harees ( Is not on the menu yet) and they were good as expected.

Tawa Machi


Bhuna Chicken

Biryani was served in Handi (claypot)and as soon as it was opened the smell was amazing and made us more hungry. The rice, the mutton was cooked to perfection. Surprisingly the mirchi ka salan being served here was amazing and joins my list after Meridian and Spice 6 for being that good.

Desserts: Badam Firni was rich and delicious, sheer khurma was very similar to what we serve at our home so equally delicious. People who want to try this delicacy without waiting for the invite on Eid better head here.

Badam Firni


Sheer Khurma

Closed the meal with some suleimani chai .



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Spice 6 – The Arab Villagio

Spice 6 brand has come a long way in the last 2+ years for serving the best Middle Eastern cuisine. This new venture of theirs is a testament to the fact that Hyderabadi’s have started exploring and liking other cuisines which does not involve Biryani

This review is based on a Food Event hosted by me for my food group on Facebook called Desi Foodies


Lot of time,effort and money has been spent to create an Arabic theme which compliments the cuisine they serve.
Camels at the entrance, palm tree outside and inside, chandliers, table designs etc

Ground Floor : This is the common dining area which is visible from the road and there is a open kitchen section separated by a glass partition which has the chef’s preparing most the Arabic dishes like Shawarma & Fatayer along with most of the mock tails and salad’s

Ground Floor

First Floor : This is the family section

First Floor – Family Section

Second Floor : This is a 44 seater PDR section which is quite elegantly made. Special care has been taken to create that Royal Arabic feel which gives you a reminder of Falaknuma for its grandeur

The 44 seater PDR

Third floor : Banquet hall for family gathering, parties etc which can easily accommodate 100-150 ppl

Fourth floor : This is designed on the lines of the Arabic Bedouin tents that you find in the deserts , the lamps, fixtures and the cloth used for the walls and seating is all imported from the gulf to get the authentic feel and experience


For Welcome Drink we had :
Saudi Champagne – Apple juice,fresh fruits mixed with small quantity of sprite or 7up for some fizz

Saudi Champagne

In Salads

Salatah Arabiya Harra which is a Lebanese salad consisting of tomato,cucumber, olives, onion, capsicum with hot green chilli.
Zahra Maqlia fried mixed veg like broccoli, parsley and topped with olive oil, Garlic & Lemon juice served on a fried pita bread

Zahra Maqlia

Hummus with Pita bread – Hummus is a popular Arabic dish made with mashed chickpeas, mixed with tahini, olive oil and lemon juice


Dejaj Fatayer – finger food category with chicken stuffing prepared in a oven, usually has a boat shaped design or sometimes resembles the Indian samosa

Dejaj Fatayer

Chicken Sahan Shawarma – Sahan literally means plate or dish in Turkish dialect, all the ingredients that goes in to a Shawarma is served separately on a plate

Shawarma Sahan

Cheese & Za’atar Fatayer – finger food category with a nice boat shaped look with cheese and olive stuffing prepared in a oven

Cheese & Za’atar Fatayer

Juje Kabab – An Iranian dish which has grilled chunks of chicken

Juje Kabab

Kobide Kabab – An Iranian meat delicacy made from ground lamb mixed with parsley & chopped onions prepared on skewers like indian sheek kebabs

Kobide Kabab

Main Course:

Laham Mandi – Laham means mutton and Mandi is a popular Yemeni dish which is often compared to biryani by people in Hyderabad but it is very different from it. It is made of Rice, meat (Lamb or Chicken) and different Arabic spices. The meat is very dewy and soft.


Mahalabiya – An Israeli dessert which is made from boiled milk which is slightly sweetened and flavored with rose water, end product resembles a thick curd but it has dry fruit topping which makes it delicious and heavy


Kunafa – A cheese or cream pastry with semolina and pista with sugar syrup. A very tasty and sweet dessert which is very popular across the Arab countries


Basbousa – A sweet cake which is made with coconut, yogurt, semolina, eggs and almond topping


Food Pics courtesy : Managed Mischiefs a.k.a Sankeerth Shinde
Please feel free to visit his blog for food reviews and amazing food pics at


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Best places in Hyderabad for Mandi & Khabsa

If you have read articles and posts discussing Arabic cuisine viz. Mandi and Khabsa but don’t have an idea on where to go and what to order this article might help you on that

so read on…

Let’s begin with what Mandi & Khabsa is

Mandi: It is a traditional Yemeni dish which is very popularly made in many parts of the Gulf and now equally popular in Hyderabad as well.

Mandi literally means “Dew” and indicates the moist texture of the meat. It is recommended to use meat from a usually young and small sized lamb to achieve this quality. Traditionally it’s cooked in a hole dug in the ground and then covered with clay. Hotel’s claiming to be authentic prepare this inside a tandoor with the help of dry wood. The meat has to be suspended inside the tandoor whilst ensuring that it does not touch the charcoal that the dry wood turns into. A small air vent in the tandoor allows the excess smoke to be released. Stock water is used to in preparation of the rice (along with Arabic Spices) which gives it a sticky texture.It is served with Shattah (spicy tomato based gravy).

Khabsa: A popular dish which originated from Saudi Arabia and has similar method of preparation as Mandi but additional spices like black pepper, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, black lime, bay leaves, nutmeg are used in its preparation. Saffron and tomato puree gives the rice its signature red hue. Presence of raisins makes this rice a little sweet. It is served with Shattah (spicy tomato based gravy) which is helpful if you want to make the dish more spicy

Detailed article :

The list below is based on my experience of Arabic Cuisines. Individual experiences may vary as per their palates and knowledge of Arabic Cuisines

Let’s start with place(s) for Khabsa

Spice 6 – Banjara Hills

Spice 6 – Khabsa Laham


What to order: Khabsa Laham(Available all days), Laham Mandi (Sat/Sun)
Pro: The best Khabsa Laham that you can get in Hyderabad
Cons: Getting a table during dinner on weekends would require some wait time

Table Seating : Yes
Family Section : Yes
Floor style seating : No
Branches : No

Few other notable ones:

4 Seasons – Multiple branches across the city

All Seasons – Banjara Hills



Let’s look at the places for Mandi now

Al Qaswa – Vijay nagar Colony

Al Qaswa – Chicken Mandi


What to order: Laham(Mutton) Mandi, Faham(Barbecue Chicken or Mutton) with Mandi Rice
Pro: Authentic Arabic food which is quite close to what you get in the Middle East
Cons: Ground floor where they have table style seating, no proper ventilation,  it becomes quite humid inside

Table Seating : Yes
Family Section : Yes
Floor style seating : Yes
Branches : None

Al Azeez Bbq Chicken- Mallepally

Al Azeez bbq Chicken – Faham Mandi

What to order: Laham(Mutton) Mandi, Faham(Barbecue Chicken or Mutton) with Mandi Rice
Pro: Authentic Arabic food which is quite close to what you get in the Middle East
Cons: Small place, No separate family section except a makeshift partition.

Table Seating : No
Family Section : No
Floor style seating : Yes
Branches : None

Yum Yum Tree – Madhapur

Yum Yum Tree – Chicken Mandi

What to order: Mandi and Khabsa with Chi/Mutton/Fish options
Pro: Good Arabic food and delicious burgers
Cons: Service

Table Seating : Yes
Family Section : Yes
Floor style seating : Yes
Branches : Yes Chandrayanagutta(Main Branch)

Al Saud Bait Al Mandi – King Koti

Al Saud – Laham Mandi

What to order: Mandi with Chi/Mutton/Fish options
Pro: Good Food, Soup served with Mandi is one of the best
Cons: No separate Family section or Table/Chair setup option present

Table Seating : No
Family Section : No
Branches : Yes – Chandrayanagutta & Secunderabad

Mataam al Arabi – Chandrayanagutta

Maatam al Arabi – Laham Mandi

What to order: Mandi with Chi/Mutton/Fish options
Pro: Good Food
Cons: No Table/Chair setup

Table Seating : No
Family Section : Yes
Floor style seating : Yes
Branches : No

Mataam al Yamani – Tolichowki

Mataam Al Yamani – Chicken Khabsa

What to order: Mandi and Khabsa with Chi/Mutton/Fish options
Pro: Good Food
Cons: No Table/Chair setup, Indianized taste might not appeal to all

Table Seating : Yes
Family Section : Yes
Floor style seating : Yes
Branches : No

Al Zaara Mathbaq Al Mandi – Tolichowki

Laham Mandi

What to order: Mandi with Chi/Mutton/Fish options
Pro: For a person who is trying Mandi for the first time would like it as their version is highly Indianised
Cons: Indianized taste might not appeal to all, Ambiance and Service requires a serious makeover which the owners are least interested in doing

Table Seating : Yes
Family Section : Yes
Floor style seating : Yes
Branches : No

Few other notable ones

Mataam Abu Faisal – Tolichowki

Real Arabian Dhaba – Chandrayanagutta

Mataam Al Turki – Malakpet

Mandar – Tolichowki

Ice & Spice – Tolichowki

– There are many other outlets across Hyderabad which serve Mandi and Khabsa but are they any good? consistent in taste and quality? If yes, then please leave me a comment with the name & location and I will definitely try it.



Guava Jelly Recipe

Everybody loves jelly and if it is a Guava based one then all the more reason to love and relish it.

Sharing some of my family recipes starting with this one
1Kg Guava
1-1/2 Litre Water
1 Kg Sugar
2 Lemon (Medium)

Cut Guava into slices and place them in a vessel with water

Ensure that the water covers the fruit, Boil them till the seeds leave the Guava slices ( Approx. 30 min)

Strain it using a silk/muslin cloth, only take the water and do not put pressure on the cloth (We only need water and not guava pulp), discard the pulp

Add sugar to the water and let it boil for an hour till the jelly starts to form pieces and harden

Add lemon juice and let it boil for another 10 minutes

Remove the vessel from fire and let it cool down for 10 minutes then remove the white froth that collects on top of the jelly and discard it

Let it cool completely before storing it in jars



Punjab Grill

Punjab Grill, A fine dine restaurant whose franchises are very popular across the north opens its new outlet in the city of the Nizam’s. Featuring some authentic Punjabi and north Indian fare with a modern twist

Ambiance: The décor and ambiance is amazing, wood panel work all across, elegant chairs and royal style cutlery, PDR’s for those private gatherings or catching up with your friends to watch the matches on LCD’s . The amount of time , effort and money spent in the right way can work wonders on the aesthetic appeal of the place and they score high on this aspect


Service: One of the few places where the service staff actually knows what they are serving  Had asked one of staff about Bhatti da Murgh and he explained the dish briefly which was a plus in my book. During the entire course of our dinner they were very attentive to our requests and quite fast with the service

Food: The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Punjabi Food is the usage of Tandoor and Butter. Their dishes are rich in taste and definitely high on calorie count (Who’s counting anyways) . A gathering of 7 descended  one evening to try out their signature offering , what ensued was definitely a gastronomical experience to remember

Review follows:


Murgh Tikka Punjab Grill – Chicken chunks steeped in a blend of cumin, cream, cheddar cheese and garlic before being lightly roasted in tandoor. Very flavorful and nicely marinated, the taste was present in every bite. Delicious!!!


Murgh Tikka Punjab Grill

Bhatti da Murgh – Discover the taste of decadence, Juicy chicken legs, marinated in exotic spiced yoghurt and mugga, completed to a crisp finish on the Bhatti. One of their popular offerings and the spices used were slightly different in a good sort of the way than what I am used in the other Punjabi outlets I have been to. If you love yummy and juicy chicken legs like me then this is the dish for you.


Bhatti Da Murgh

Amritsari fish – River sole dipped in ajwain flavored gram flour batter and deep fried to a crunchy gold finish. This was clearly the second best dish of the evening after Chaamp Tajdar. Soft pieces of fish with a slight crunchy texture, fried perfectly


Amritsari Fish

Tandoori Chicken- Classic Punjabi temptation, chicken chunks marinated in herbs till they turn saffron, roasted to smoky succulence in the tandoor. Punjabi cuisine is known for their tandoori chicken and they ensured that this dish follows the same original norms and be tasty


Tandoori Chicken

Chaamp Tajdar

Lamb chops absorb the flavors of cloves, black cardamom, and kasoori methi, gradually braised and grilled in the tandoor, truly A punjabi dish where lamb chops are marinated and get the flavor of cloves, black cardamom and kasoori meethi, then it is gradually braised and grilled in the tandoor

This dish came well recommended and is a must try on all accounts, mutton is not my first preference when it comes to meat, all that changed as soon as I tasted this dish. Amazing flavorful spices rich in taste brings out a superior product to relish.


Chaamp Tajdar


Main Course

Meat Punjab Grill – Lamb shanks slow cooked on the low heat of an angeethi . Spices dominated this dish and I absolutely loved it. The meat was soft and tender , the gravy was thick and very tasty


Meat Punjab Grill

Dhaniya mirchi ka kukkad – Succulent chicken drumsticks simmered in a stock rich in cinammon,whole coriander and mace. spiked with green chillies. This was the only dish that I didn’t like as it had a bitter after taste due to coriander ( Individual Perceptions)


Dhaniya Mirchi Ka Kukkad

Both the main courses were served with Naan (Butter & Garlic)


Meetha Paan mojito, Fruit Punch, Rola cola,Kheera Jeera, Dhaniya Patta

Most of the mocktails were good, Kheera Jeera being the top favorite as it had nice flavor and very refreshing, Dhaniya patta was good but had a slight bitter after taste, Meetha Paan Mojito had all the flavor and smell of meetha paan – a unique concept executed nicely. Fruit punch and Rola cola were not so appealing for me


Dhaniya Patta



Kheera Zeera



Meetha Paan Mojito



Rola Cola



Watermelon Cooler



The dessert platter is a good deal if you want to try their signature offerings in one go

Firni – A rice custard dish cooked with milk very popular in Punjab and usually served in earthen bowls traditionally but difficult to maintain them logistically hence our normal cutlery has to suffice. Great option to try for all the dessert lovers



Gulab Jamun – When you think that you have had this dish all your life at most of the outlets and have pretty much given up on getting a good taste, you can be dead wrong here. Soft, warm and tasty pieces with nutella in the middle along with some white chocolate makes it  yummy and tasty


Gulab Jamun

Badami Kheer – Rice , milk, khowa, cream with almonds. Heavy and heavenly


Badami Kheer

Litchi ki Tehri – Rich cream based dessert with litchi topping, just delicious


Litchi ki Tehri

Special thanks to Bhargavi Yerram who ensured that we had a great dinner. Her noteworthy credentials include being the Franchise owner of Punjab Grill Hyderabad & Managing director of Beyond Food where they offer innovative and unique dining concepts in the ever expanding restaurant sector, add a Master’s degree from U.K to that experience and you have a person who knows what is needed to run a successful fine dine restaurant

Overall: The place, the food, the ambiance, the quantity along with the service was top notch. As it is a Fine dine restaurant the dishes are on the expensive side and the lunch buffet doesn’t have their signature dishes present on the menu.

Recommendations: Chaamp Tajdar, Murgh Tikka Punjab Grill , Amritsari fish

Ambiance – 5/5, Service – 5/5, Food – 4.5/5, Desserts- 4/5 , Overall : 4.5/5



Punjab Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Malaka Spice

Malaka Spice is an award winning restaurant which dishes out some great “Inspired” South East Asian cuisine; they started operations in Pune in the year 1997 and have branches in Pune and Goa before opening their first in Hyderabad & 6th overall

Following is the review of the lunch that we had on the 6th of Nov’16

Ambiance:  As soon as I first stepped into Malaka Spice I saw a fully decorated cycle rickshaw, kept for visual appeal and for taking pictures. They have also made provision to combat sultry and dry weather by installing water spray mists which helps cool the ambient temperature to a large extent. The outside seating area is pleasant with lanterns affixed on the tree which would be an amazing sight in the evenings.


They prominently display picture frames of their accomplishments of their different outlets. Last but not the least, the inside walls of the restaurant is adorned with paintings made by upcoming artists who want to feature their work and sell them. With a seating capacity of 250+ which includes a PDR and 1st floor which would have a separate section of liquor


Service: Mr. Piyush Deshmukh  who is the Business and Process Development Manager – Previously with JW Marriott before moving to Malaka (Pune) 2 years back and currently in Hyderabad since 3 months to help establish this branch made sure that every item that was being served was explained and took feedback positively. The waiters were at out beck and call and made that the dishes served were visually appealing and presentable for the photo sessions


7 of us were present to try out their menu and we started our lunch with

Top Hat (Veg/Chi/Lamb) : Yummy Fried cups stuffed with sprouts, minced vegetables and herbs. It was a good start but I preferred the Minced Chicken and Mutton version. 6 Pieces are served in a special wooden holder and it is recommended to have it quickly as the outer fried portion tends to get soft due to the stuffing inside


Pumpkin Chips: This was the first time I was having anything related to pumpkin in this sort of way. Thin slices of Pumpkin are cut into the traditional chip shape and fried and then garnished with Basil. It was unusual but tasty


Lotus Stem Tango: This is a very healthy item to have, rich in essential minerals like zinc, magnesium, copper and iron, which help the body in the production of red blood cells. The Lotus stem (Kamal Khakri/Kakdi) is cut into small size and fried with sweet and tangy sauce . Found it to be very tasty


D for Dumpling (Prawns) – Name sounds like it just came out of the alphabet book. Steam prawn dumpling was served with red tomato salsa. Didn’t find the taste that appealing to want more


Thai Mutton Chops:  Soft and succulent mutton chops which is grilled and has a peppery taste, we had a mixed reaction to this dish as few pieces were not cooked properly. Feedback was passed along to the chef on the same, as we had other dishes on their way we didn’t order for a repeat


Grilled Chicken Skewers:  Skewers are a common starter item found in south eastern cuisine, it is to be had with the peanut sauce. However, there was no salt present in the dish


Chicken Thigh Thai: Chicken Thigh pieces marinated with basil, Thai chilies,lime , garlic and then grilled. Even this dish lacked salt


Murtabak Mutton: Also known as Muttabaq, a popular Muslim/Arab dish where a pancake is stuffed with meat and then cut into smaller squares. This was tasty but it could have tasted better with Garlic sauce



Malaka Thai Iced Tea: A brewed tea with sweet condensed milk combo , didn’t find it that great


Paradise Passion: The pinkish red hue was quite a visual treat but the taste was just okay


Peach Ice Tea: This was a refreshing drink for me, perfectly made with just the right amount of ice tea powder.



The Malaka Tom Kha Phak: Full flavor of galangal along with Lime and Coriander in coconut milk. Galangal is also called as Laos root- Tasts similar to ginger, used frequently in Indonesian and Malaysian cuisines


Tom Yum Phad: Lemon grass, lime, fresh chillies, coriander and galangal


These two were very flavorful

Madurasi: A semi clear soup with lemon grass, ginger and chilies along with chunks of chicken was not so great in taste against the previous two


Tangy Green Papaya Salad:  First thing you notice when you see this dish is peanuts spread across a small pile of fresh shredded green papaya. Seasoned with chilli and tangy lime gives this salad a nice touch overall


Main Course:

Stir Fry – Veg : Broccoli with Whole Garlic – This is perhaps the most simple and easy dish to make in their entire arsenal . Crunchy broccoli along with whole garlic with a helping of soy sauce for flavor. Vegetarians would love it , I enjoyed it as well but it wouldn’t be something that I would order  specifically


Stir Fry – Chicken: Honey Garlic Chilli Chicken – Sliced chicken tossed with brocooli , red capsicum, fresh chilies and garlic , prepared in honey and black bean sauce and sesame oil

Curries from Southeast Asia: Malaka Kari Kapitan – 20 delicate spices mixed with ground cashew nuts in coconut curry. One of the most flavorful dishes of the day. We were supposed to pour this dish on the Roti Jhalas and it tasted amazing


Curries from Southeast Asia: Malaka Thai Red Curry(Fish) – The heading on this page states that we do not use any canned gunk and preservatives. They create their own fresh curry paste and true to that fact this dish tasted was amazing. Red chillies with a host of other spices ground to a paste and cooked with fish in a rich stew of coconut milk and basil

Coriander Rice: Just a simple dish where rice is tossed and garnished with fresh coriander


Phad Thai Noodles with Crunchy Peanuts: We had flat noodles with crunchy ground nuts , tamarind and vinegar. The peanuts added a different flavor to it but I was too full to even attempt past 1 spoon of this



Roti Jhala: This is an inhouse innovation which is a visual wonder and a gastronomical delight. Yellow colored light laced crisp Net crepes drew everyone’s attention. One portion of it is equal to one roti. The main course gravy is supposed to be poured onto the roti and had hot. Simply amazing, must try


Roti Kanai: It is just a malay paratha which is cooked on a hot tava/griddle




Date & Coconut roll: Pitted dates are mashed in a food processor and added to coconut powder, very tasty and amazing

Chocolate Brownie with Ice cream:  One of the best brownie’s that I had in recent times. Slightly heated in a microwave so that its texture is not too hard to cut through. Tried it with Vanilla Ice cream and then coconut ice cream . Simply Marvelous


Paan Ice cream: Paan(Betel leaf) is blended using a food processor into the ice cream itself. The smell itself gives away the superb taste you are about to have. Every bite was a delight. They procure this from a small vendor in Pune as part of their initiative to empower small business grow more



Overall: One of the few places where everything is just right.




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