Golconda Paradise

Golconda Paradise – When I first heard the name of this place it reminded of two places in Hyderabad. Golconda hotel and Paradise hotel and this place was no exception to the name as they served amazing food which was a blessing to my palate

Eating good food or trying new places doesn’t require any reason but this time it was a treat from my brother in law for his new job. Landed there for Dinner at 7pm and the place was half full but still bustling with activity as the take away guys appeared to be in full swing moving in and out at regular intervals.

The place by itself is a medium size outlet with an inside seating which can accommodate 40-50 people , there are tables on the outside as well which can handle 10-15 more. Based on the weather the outside seating can be a good option to choose

Ambiance is well lit up, with sofa style seating at one side and wooden chairs on the other.

We were quickly seated and got handed the menu card. First thing that caught my eye was the Haleem which is available on Thursday and Friday. Quickly checked with the waiter and got the good news that it is available. Asked the waiter to first get us Haleem while we scour the menu for the other dishes to order.



Haleem is a dish quite popular in Hyderabad during the Ramadan season. A traditional wheat & mutton delicacy which takes a long time to make and quite nutritious. The traditional style of making it takes 10-12 hours at least to get the thick consistency. When it is ready they keep it on low simmering charcoals to keep it warm.

We got our haleem dish in few minutes while we were still discussing our order. Haleem turned out to be amazing, right amount of meat to wheat ratio, consistency, color, taste was to the point.

Decided to order Chilly fish, Chicken tikka lababdar, loose prawns along with tandoori roti and end the meal with some chicken biryani.

The starters were all wonderful Chilly fish being the favorite and loose prawns was a close second. The main course of Chicken tikka labadar was supposed to be different dish altogether, however didn’t find much difference in taste to the chicken tikka masala that I am used to eating. It was still tasteful so it didn’t matter much


Loose Prawns



Chicken Tikka Lababdar


Chilly Fish

Chilly Fish

Biryani was the surprise element at the end, what they serve here is very similar to the ones that we get at Muslim weddings in Hyderabad, India. Amazing taste along with soft tender chicken marinated to perfection


Chicken Biryani

Overall a great place to have Biryani and Haleem – Hyderabadi iStyle

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