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Karim’s is considered to be one of the legendary places to visit in Delhi, known to serve delicious Mughlai food. Their branches are located across Delhi and other northern parts of India. South had been deprived of their cuisine until now…

2’nd week of October saw their first branch in South India being launched at Podium Mall in Tolichowki, Hyderabad. Our visit to this outlet was on the 23’rd and it was definitely a good experience

Detailed review follows…

We started of our meal with soup, Gosht(Lamb) ka shorba & Murgh(Chi.) ka shorba. Both the broth were the same with addition of Lamb & Chicken in it. Still it was nice and flavorful, the hyderabadi marag is like a semi-clear broth while this is a little thicker in consistency and less on the spice aspect. Overall they have just three options in soup category the other which we didn’t try was the tamatar ka garam ras – Basically your run of the mill tomato soup

Gosht(Lamb) ka shorba

Coming to the starters the list is long and we loved most of the things that we had ordered
especially Mutton Burra – Marinated, skewered, roasted, medium spiced and charred in the tandoor, this lamb on the bone which is one of their signature dishes is definitely delicious and recommended.

Mutton Burra

Tandoori Rann – Leg of lamb marinated overnight and then roasted to perfection in a tandoor. The marination was perfect as each and every bite was quite flavorful and very succulent

Tandoori Rann

Tandoori Murgh – The Hyderabadi version of this dish is quite spicy and their version is slightly less on the spice level but equally flavorful

Tandoori Murgh

Dil pasand sheek kebab – This is the usual sheek kebab that you can get but the only let down was the green mint chutney which accompanied it. Totally watery – huge scope of improvement there

Dil pasand sheek kebab

Murgh Tikka – This was good but medium/less on the spice levels, when compared to the hyderabadi version very mild.

Fish Tikka – The only dish that disappointed, big chunks of boneless fish but the marination was not proper as the flavor was very mild and didn’t seep inside. Smaller pieces or lenghtier time for marination would help

For the main course

Dil Bahar Do Pyaaza (Stew) – A lamb onion curry, traditionally it has green chillies, red chillies(whole and powder), tumeric, ginger & garlic chopped making it more on the spicy side however Karim’s version is a tad medium (Very less for my palate though) and would definitely be liked by the general public

Dil Bahar Do Pyaaza (Stew)

Jahangiri Murgh – Boneless chicken pieces marinated with Yoghurt, tikka masala. It went well with the Khameri naan and butter naan we had ordered. Again medium on the spice level

Jahangiri Murgh

Laham Mandi – I found the rice to be yummy and perfect, the mutton however can be improved a little to be made more softer

Laham Mandi

Mutton Biryani – They have a Hyderabadi chef making this dish here and it is quite good, but the Mirchi ka Salan exceeded my expectations and I can say it is now in the top 5 places where you get the best one

Mutton Biryani

Small portion of Mutton Nihari(Northern Style) & Mutton Khorma were given across and they both were pretty delicious , the mutton pieces were soft but the flavor of the curry/spices hadn’t quite seeped into the meat which could have made the dish more tastier

Mutton Nihari

Limited options for dessert where we were served Badam Kund and Kaddu ka Halwa. Badam Kund was one of the best ones that I had in recent times, khowa and almond ratio was perfect which made the dish even more enjoyable.

Kaddu ka Halwa

Badam Kund

Highlights: Mutton Burra,Mutton Rann, Mandi, Dil Bahar Do Pyaaza and Badam Kund are my recommendations.


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Jonathan’s Kitchen

I always wanted to visit Jonathan’s Kitchen but due to few religious restrictions didn’t go there since they started their operations. Foodie group HOMP Hyd led by Javed Mohammed & Zubair chose Oct 2’nd for an event as it is a dry day and additionally requested the management to avoid serving any pork or beef items during the course of the event. Care was ensured in the kitchen so as to conform to the requirements mentioned by him.


For a place like Jonathan’s Kitchen which just started its operations in Jan’15 by Raashid Ali & having him at the helm is certainly praiseworthy for the excellent food that we got to savor during the event.


Kiwi Kiss, Litchi Splash, Strawberry Passion, Aam Panna, Jal Jeera

“The Leisure lunch” as the event title went had many of its members coming in after the stipulated time so the people who had come in early got to know one another over some tasty mock tails. Kiwi Kiss, Litchi Splash, Strawberry Passion, Aam Panna, Jal Jeera. For me the Kiwi Kiss stood out as it was flavorful and tasty

Starters followed where we first received a wide variety of Veg starters, we didn’t complain as we wanted to try all the dishes on the event menu.

Achari Paneer Tikka was good but it didn’t have any spiciness that I had hoped for, Falafel Kebab were nice, the crispy corn pepper salt was the better of the three Veg starters.


Achari Paneer Tikka



Falafel Kebab



Crispy Corn Pepper Salt

Non-veg starters had Nawabi Shikampuri , Satay Chicken and the Focaccia Al Pollo where all three were delicious but Nawabi Shikampuri stole the show for me. Repeated servings ensued till we were satisfied we had enough


Nawabi Shikampuri



Satay Chicken



Focaccia Al Pollo

In the salad section we had the Ceaser salad (N.Veg) and the Insalata Roccola (Veg) where the former was the tastier of the two. Soups had Zucchini ala Parmigiana(Veg) & Tom Yum Goong (N.V) where I preferred the non veg version again.


Caeser Salad



Zucchini ala Parmigiana

Gorging on the starters proved to be an hindrance as I couldn’t touch the Veg main course except trying out 2 slices of their Margarita Pizza.

The Non Veg main course boasted of Penne Alfredo, Spring Chicken, Thai Red Curry , Chicken Burger, Mutton Biryani. All the 5 items turned out to be good where Spring chicken was the best as it was soft and juicy when it was piping hot, picture sessions along with having the entire main course present at the same time made the dish cold and less tasty later, no fault of the management in any way. Biryani is something which majority of the high end outlets falter on & fortunately it was better than what I had expected. Notable mention for the Thai red curry as well which was tasty but I would have preferred to have it with fried rice


Penne Alfredo



Mutton Biryani




Chicken Burger



Spring Chicken



Thai Red Curry

Desserts section had Gulab Jamun , Blueberry cheese cake & Ice creams. Both the desserts were okay but didn’t evoke a sense of wow or that craving to have it multiple times.


Gulab Jamun



Blueberry Cheese Cake


Overall : All the items served were good , live music by Shawn Pereira DoCarmo was pleasant and easy on the ears and not a single dish could be termed as bad at all which was wonderful. Kudos to the admins for executing a great event.

A special mention for the kitchen staff along with Chef Naveen Nagaraj that ensured that every dish sent across was tasty, appealing, presentable and photogenic.


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