Spice 6 – The Arab Villagio

Spice 6 brand has come a long way in the last 2+ years for serving the best Middle Eastern cuisine. This new venture of theirs is a testament to the fact that Hyderabadi’s have started exploring and liking other cuisines which does not involve Biryani

This review is based on a Food Event hosted by me for my food group on Facebook called Desi Foodies


Lot of time,effort and money has been spent to create an Arabic theme which compliments the cuisine they serve.
Camels at the entrance, palm tree outside and inside, chandliers, table designs etc

Ground Floor : This is the common dining area which is visible from the road and there is a open kitchen section separated by a glass partition which has the chef’s preparing most the Arabic dishes like Shawarma & Fatayer along with most of the mock tails and salad’s

Ground Floor

First Floor : This is the family section

First Floor – Family Section

Second Floor : This is a 44 seater PDR section which is quite elegantly made. Special care has been taken to create that Royal Arabic feel which gives you a reminder of Falaknuma for its grandeur

The 44 seater PDR

Third floor : Banquet hall for family gathering, parties etc which can easily accommodate 100-150 ppl

Fourth floor : This is designed on the lines of the Arabic Bedouin tents that you find in the deserts , the lamps, fixtures and the cloth used for the walls and seating is all imported from the gulf to get the authentic feel and experience


For Welcome Drink we had :
Saudi Champagne – Apple juice,fresh fruits mixed with small quantity of sprite or 7up for some fizz

Saudi Champagne

In Salads

Salatah Arabiya Harra which is a Lebanese salad consisting of tomato,cucumber, olives, onion, capsicum with hot green chilli.
Zahra Maqlia fried mixed veg like broccoli, parsley and topped with olive oil, Garlic & Lemon juice served on a fried pita bread

Zahra Maqlia

Hummus with Pita bread – Hummus is a popular Arabic dish made with mashed chickpeas, mixed with tahini, olive oil and lemon juice


Dejaj Fatayer – finger food category with chicken stuffing prepared in a oven, usually has a boat shaped design or sometimes resembles the Indian samosa

Dejaj Fatayer

Chicken Sahan Shawarma – Sahan literally means plate or dish in Turkish dialect, all the ingredients that goes in to a Shawarma is served separately on a plate

Shawarma Sahan

Cheese & Za’atar Fatayer – finger food category with a nice boat shaped look with cheese and olive stuffing prepared in a oven

Cheese & Za’atar Fatayer

Juje Kabab – An Iranian dish which has grilled chunks of chicken

Juje Kabab

Kobide Kabab – An Iranian meat delicacy made from ground lamb mixed with parsley & chopped onions prepared on skewers like indian sheek kebabs

Kobide Kabab

Main Course:

Laham Mandi – Laham means mutton and Mandi is a popular Yemeni dish which is often compared to biryani by people in Hyderabad but it is very different from it. It is made of Rice, meat (Lamb or Chicken) and different Arabic spices. The meat is very dewy and soft.


Mahalabiya – An Israeli dessert which is made from boiled milk which is slightly sweetened and flavored with rose water, end product resembles a thick curd but it has dry fruit topping which makes it delicious and heavy


Kunafa – A cheese or cream pastry with semolina and pista with sugar syrup. A very tasty and sweet dessert which is very popular across the Arab countries


Basbousa – A sweet cake which is made with coconut, yogurt, semolina, eggs and almond topping


Food Pics courtesy : Managed Mischiefs a.k.a Sankeerth Shinde
Please feel free to visit his blog for food reviews and amazing food pics at


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