Al Fahad Al Arabi

A food joint very close to the place where I was staying and open 24×7 so I was curious to check what they were offering and found a wide variety of options in their menu and that definitely got me interested in visiting it one afternoon

At first glance the place is very small with just one table and 4 chairs inside and loads of people coming in and out at regular intervals. Upon inquiry found out that they give tea for 1Dh & Shawarma for 4Dh and that attracts a lot of workers and labourers who are employed in the nearby construction sites.

The 20-25 minutes I was there, there must have been atleast 20-30 tea’s that were poured or taken away by different people. I am a occasional tea drinker but curiosity got the better of me and I ordered one for myself and It was decent. Milk used for tea is from Rainbow Company and one of the key reasons it is liked by many

Shawarma is one of the few items that are available almost everywhere in the gulf. At 4Dh I found it to be the cheapest but that didn’t mean that they were cutting corners in any way. The meat and the ingredients used were good quality ones. I would give it a 3.5/5


After the shawarma I still had room for more and decided to try their zinger burger with lemon juice (medium-Size) and was surprised with the zinger burger,the bun was soft and the chicken inside was tasty. loved it


Zinger Burger



Lemon Juice

Subsequent visits made me a fan of their fries. At 6Dh you get a nice box of hot french fries and they will happily throw in mayo dip for takeaway’s if you ask them. Must have ordered 3-4 times already in the last week or so

They have many items which are not on the menu which are VFM(Value for Money) , will try and update my review accordingly with them Ex: Samosa, Cream Bun, Fruit Bun Etc which are visually appealing but yet to be tried.




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