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Spice 6 – The Arab Villagio

Spice 6 brand has come a long way in the last 2+ years for serving the best Middle Eastern cuisine. This new venture of theirs is a testament to the fact that Hyderabadi’s have started exploring and liking other cuisines which does not involve Biryani

This review is based on a Food Event hosted by me for my food group on Facebook called Desi Foodies


Lot of time,effort and money has been spent to create an Arabic theme which compliments the cuisine they serve.
Camels at the entrance, palm tree outside and inside, chandliers, table designs etc

Ground Floor : This is the common dining area which is visible from the road and there is a open kitchen section separated by a glass partition which has the chef’s preparing most the Arabic dishes like Shawarma & Fatayer along with most of the mock tails and salad’s

Ground Floor

First Floor : This is the family section

First Floor – Family Section

Second Floor : This is a 44 seater PDR section which is quite elegantly made. Special care has been taken to create that Royal Arabic feel which gives you a reminder of Falaknuma for its grandeur

The 44 seater PDR

Third floor : Banquet hall for family gathering, parties etc which can easily accommodate 100-150 ppl

Fourth floor : This is designed on the lines of the Arabic Bedouin tents that you find in the deserts , the lamps, fixtures and the cloth used for the walls and seating is all imported from the gulf to get the authentic feel and experience


For Welcome Drink we had :
Saudi Champagne – Apple juice,fresh fruits mixed with small quantity of sprite or 7up for some fizz

Saudi Champagne

In Salads

Salatah Arabiya Harra which is a Lebanese salad consisting of tomato,cucumber, olives, onion, capsicum with hot green chilli.
Zahra Maqlia fried mixed veg like broccoli, parsley and topped with olive oil, Garlic & Lemon juice served on a fried pita bread

Zahra Maqlia

Hummus with Pita bread – Hummus is a popular Arabic dish made with mashed chickpeas, mixed with tahini, olive oil and lemon juice


Dejaj Fatayer – finger food category with chicken stuffing prepared in a oven, usually has a boat shaped design or sometimes resembles the Indian samosa

Dejaj Fatayer

Chicken Sahan Shawarma – Sahan literally means plate or dish in Turkish dialect, all the ingredients that goes in to a Shawarma is served separately on a plate

Shawarma Sahan

Cheese & Za’atar Fatayer – finger food category with a nice boat shaped look with cheese and olive stuffing prepared in a oven

Cheese & Za’atar Fatayer

Juje Kabab – An Iranian dish which has grilled chunks of chicken

Juje Kabab

Kobide Kabab – An Iranian meat delicacy made from ground lamb mixed with parsley & chopped onions prepared on skewers like indian sheek kebabs

Kobide Kabab

Main Course:

Laham Mandi – Laham means mutton and Mandi is a popular Yemeni dish which is often compared to biryani by people in Hyderabad but it is very different from it. It is made of Rice, meat (Lamb or Chicken) and different Arabic spices. The meat is very dewy and soft.


Mahalabiya – An Israeli dessert which is made from boiled milk which is slightly sweetened and flavored with rose water, end product resembles a thick curd but it has dry fruit topping which makes it delicious and heavy


Kunafa – A cheese or cream pastry with semolina and pista with sugar syrup. A very tasty and sweet dessert which is very popular across the Arab countries


Basbousa – A sweet cake which is made with coconut, yogurt, semolina, eggs and almond topping


Food Pics courtesy : Managed Mischiefs a.k.a Sankeerth Shinde
Please feel free to visit his blog for food reviews and amazing food pics at


Spice 6 - The Arab Villagio Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Tolichowki Food Guide


The next best thing after Charminar area to satiate your food craving is the Tolichowki food court which has become a food haven for the foodies offering a multitude of cuisines to choose from.

The following is my guide to exploring the food scene in and around Tolichowki area

Rumaan Hotel: A beef lover’s paradise, try their beef Haleem during Ramadan season or Khichdi Khatta Kheema(Beef) which is available as early as 5am in the mornings every day. Talahuwa Gosht , Beef biryani, Irani Chai are the other favorites you can try here.

*If love for food presides over the place and ambiance then visit this place & no family section available

Ice & Spice: One of the best places to try Chicken Shawarma, Veg Falafel, Veg and Non Veg Muttabbaq, Shawarma Sahan, Falafel Sahan, Arabian Shawarma

Al Zaara Mathbaq Al Mandi: One of the few places in Tolichowki area that serves Mandi in the traditional setup of sitting on the floor and eating food in a big plate. Things to try here are Laham Mandi & Fish Mandi

*Family section lacks proper ventilation, service is slow & staff untrained

4 seasons: A place where you get good Indian and Arabic food, try their Mezze platters from the exclusive menu section, Arabic mixed grilled platter or Sea food platter as the starters, Khabsa laham, Laham Mandi , Chicken or Mutton Biryani as the main course, followed by Umm ali , Badami Kheer or Qubani ka meetha as desserts. Huge seating area spanning 3 floors, but on weekends it is still not enough, option to book a table in advance is available

Mak’s Kitchen:  Try their Patthar ka Gosh (Available in the evenings) ,Chapli Kebab & Chinese dishes. Not so crowded, good place for quiet family dinners

Shah Ghouse: During Ramadan, Haleem is a must try and do not forget to try their Khichdi Khatta & Kheema available at 3am for Sehri (Meal time before fasting begins). During normal days the same Khichdi Khatta & Kheema is available from 5 am onwards along with Nihari,Paya, Zabaan, Gurda Bhaji

They serve Biryani from 11:30-12pm onwards till 2-3am in the night and a definite thing to try here along with the Chai and the kebab platter

Siddique Kebab Center:  Strapped for cash then this is the place to be, amazing food at low prices. You get grilled chicken, chicken fry, chicken 65, kebabs, tandoori chicken. Small menu but every items is tasty

Mandar: Specializes in Indian, Mughlai & Chinese and now Arabic as well. You can try their Biryani and Mandi

Kabul Darbar:  Opened few weeks back and serves the same menu as the lakdi ka pul branch. Things to try is the Sajji grill chicken & their kebabs

Nice Juice Center: Famous for their savories, chaats, juices and fruit salad’s. All the items on the menu are good, few which stand out are Mulberry with cream, Taftian, Arabian Salad, Dry fruit shakes, sitaphal juice, Chilgoza, Majuma zalzala


These are little further away from Tolichowki but worth being on this post

Mohammedia Shawarma: Located at Retibowli , this place serves good chicken shawarma’s in all three variants of bread (Samoli- Hot dog bun, Rumali Roti , Khuboos – Pita Bread) , try their special shawarma which has just meat and no vegetables

Marhaba: A popular Arabic food outlet serving Shawarma, Mutabbaq, Arabic shawarma & Mandi and all items on the menu are good to try

Al Hejaz: A budget friendly sandwich shop which serves middle eastern cuisine, small menu and all items are good to try, recommended is to try their falafel sabbah which is basically a falafel & egg sandwich


A Hyderabadi’s guide to understanding Arabic cuisine


Last one to two years saw a lot of Arabic restaurants that have popped up all across Hyderabad. It was limited to the Barkas area in the old city initially but slowly found its way to different parts of the city and continues to grow more and more each day.

While the food might look appealing, your experience might take a hit if you are unsure of what you need to order if the waiter is unable to explain what the dish is all about. This article is my attempt to assist fellow foodies in understanding few common dishes that are available in the restaurants these days.

Salad’s, Spices & Sauces:

Fattoush: A colorfully tossed Lebanese salad made with toasted or fried pieces of pita bread combined with vegetables. The combination of lemon and sumac gives the dish a tangy & sweet taste



Baba Ghanoush: A dish made of cooked or grilled eggplant mixed with tahini, curd & vegetables like tomatoes, onions, lemon, garlic, parsley etc along with olive oil. It is also called the egg plant salad.

Moutabel: Fried or Baked Egg plant is pounded and made into a puree with sesame paste and lemon juice.

Hummus: Chickpea paste(Kabuli Chana) with sesame along with olive oil, garlic and lemon juice.

IMG_0118 (2)


Moroccan Hummus: Whole chickpeas are added to hummus which gives this dip a hearty, chewy texture. Here the chickpeas are sautéed with onion, tomatoes and spices for extra flavor. Few outlets add small barbecued pieces of boneless chicken on top while serving it

Tahini:  Primarily used as a sauce or as a paste which is added to Hummus, Baba Ghanoush and also to many non-veg dishes as well, it is also served as a dip. Made from toasted and ground sesame seeds, it goes well with shawarma’s and souvlaki’s.

Stuffed Vine Leaves or Dolma: A Turkish dish where grape vine leaves are wrapped around a veg or non veg filling along with rice and herbs. Tangy taste and served cold you would have to eat is whole to avoid the filling from falling out


Stuffed Vine Leaves or Dolma

Batata  Mashwea: Charcoal grille sweet potato based dish which can be enjoyed with Pita bread

IMG_0113 (2)

Batata Mashwea

Dejaj Jawaneh:  Lebanese Grilled Chicken Wings, a chicken delicacy which is nicely marinated with lemon and garlic before being grilled, it is served with garlic sauce and pita bread.

Mohammara: Ground walnuts along with red peppers, bread crumbs, and red chilli paste mixed with lemon juice, olive oil

Tabouleh: Finely chopped Parsley, Onions, Tomatoes, mint & garnished with Lemon juice & Olive oil



Za’atar: It is primarily a herb belonging to the Oregano family and used majorly in Arabic cuisines. The condiment is comprised of za’atar herb mixed with sesame seeds, dried sumac and salt. It is generously sprinkled on hot pita bread and served across

Sumac: Spice made from red berries which are dried and ground into powder and has a tangy lemony flavor looks like Indian red chilli powder in appearance but very mild in taste

Shattah: It means spicy or spicy sauce. Served with Arabic rice dishes to increase the flavor and spice accordingly. Made with Tomatoes, Peppers, Garlic and lot of other spices the spice levels can range from mild to very hot at different places.




Starters & Breads

Pita Bread: Popularly known as Khoobus, Khubz etc is soft flat bread slightly leavened or puffed. Made from whole wheat flour they are available in White and Brown bread variants in the market. Shawarma meat is wrapped in it or this is served as an add-on to salads, starters or main course.


Pita Bread

Saj: Rumali roti is the word that pops up immediately when you see this. Saj bread is a flat round bread baked on an upside down iron wok hot surface.




Samoli/Samoon: Primarily a hot dog bun in which shawarma meat, garlic sauce and vegetables ( Cabbage, Tomato, Cucumber) are placed and served



Pita Pockets: One of the popular variants of the pita bread is the pita pockets, due to the puffed up nature of the pita bread caused by the high temperature baking. The layers of dough remain separated and used to form pocket in which meat and vegetables are placed and served


Pita Pocket

Shawarma: Meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie, traditionally it is supposed to be lamb but you would find beef and chicken variants as well. Thin slices of meat is shaved from the rotating cooked portion facing the hot grill and served with different vegetables and seasonings.


3 bread variants as options are provided to you at most of the places serving shawarma i.e Khuboos(Pita Bread) , Samoli/Samoon(Hot dog bun) or Saj(Rumali Roti)

Shawarma sahan:  It means a plate of shawarma – All the items that go into making a shawarma are given separately in a plate.

Shawarma Shahan

Shawarma Sahan with (L-R) Tahini , Garlic Sauce , Hummus


Arabic Shawarma: Shawarma meat is placed in Saj(Rumali roti) and then made crisp on the outside, it is cut into small pieces like spring rolls ad served with garlic sauce and pickled salad


Arabic Shawarma

Sheesh Taouk: Sheesh or Shish means Skewered and taouk means chicken in Turkish, basically marinated chicken on skewers. In Indian terminology Chicken Sheek Kebab

Falafel: A brown coloured patty or a deep fried ball made from grounded chickpeas (Chana dal) and Fava beans. They can be served as a snack, or served in a shawarma or a mezza platter. The falafel shawarma is one of the popular options for vegans who want to try shawarma and also for people who don’t prefer meat



Muttabbaq/Martabaq: Stuffed square shaped pancake or stuffed Arabic bread – Literal Arabic meaning of the name Muttabaq means folded. The stuffing inside is primarily diced meat with egg and vegetables. Vegetarian versions also available at few places which has bananas and other fruit variants as stuffing



Faham/Al Faham : It means grilled or charcoal grilled chicken but you would also get mutton as well at different places. The chicken is marinated with Arabic spices and cooked over charcoal or against a flame. One of the healthy ways of eating as the fat tends to melt and fall off the meat

 Doner Kebab: Turkish version of the shawarma but served primarily like kebabs in India. Few authentic places make these kebabs using a horizontal rotisserie where the meat is more crispier and well cooked due to smaller quantity on the rotating rod. Other variants include serving it with pita bread and vegetables, wrap style or sandwich style like the shawarma

Souvlaki’s : A greek fast food which sometimes features in Arabic menu’s and very similar to Shawarma’s . Small pieces of meat served with grilled pita bread but in a wrap. Open style is also available where the pita bread is served separately along with the meat, vegetables and sauces




Main Course

Mandi:  A popular Yemeni dish which is often compared to biryani by people in Hyderabad but it is very different from it. It is made of Rice, meat (Lamb or Chicken) and different Arabic spices. The meat is very dewy and soft and the reason of that is the preparation where it is made in a tandoor and has lots of charcoal. Care is taken to ensure that the meat doesn’t touch the tandoor or the hot charcoal . The traditional process of creating a clay tandoor to prepare the meat has given way to modern kiln for making it. The approximate cooking time is 4 hours in the traditional method and the modern style with various shortcuts does change the taste. For the rice Basmati or Long grain rice is used and addition of raisins and pine nuts give a different flavor to the dish altogether.  Chicken/Mutton Stock is also added on top of the rice to give an authentic feel and smell to it. Few styles of cooking also include cooking the rice using the meat stock water itself giving it a slightly sticky texture.


Laham Mandi

Khabsa:  A popular dish which originated from Saudi Arabia and has similar method of preparation as Mandi but additional spices like black pepper, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, black lime, bay leaves, nutmeg are used in its preparation. Saffron and tomato puree gives the rice its signature red hue. Presence of raisins makes this rice a little sweet. It is served with Shattah (spicy sauce) to increase one’s taste accordingly


Khabsa Laham

Madbi/Madbee: Charcoal grilled/barbecued chicken (Faham) along with Mandi or Khabsa rice



Madfoon: (Madfoon means buried) , It’s a slow cooking process where a piece of chicken or lamb is wrapped in an aluminum foil and placed in a pit and then covered with coal.The pieces of meat is the most tender that you can ever get in this cooking process


Zurbian: – Rice which is very similar to biryani as majority of the ingredients are the same and it is said to be influenced by Indian biryani but few changes seen as potato has been added as one of the main ingredients


Kunafa: A cheese or cream pastry with semolina and pista with sugar syrup. A very tasty and sweet dessert which is very popular across the arab countries

IMG_0144 (2)


Umm Ali: a popular dessert originating from Egypt , also known as bread pudding . It is an almond semolina flour cake with pistachio, cinnamon topping. Raisins & coconut powder are also added at many locations.


Umm Ali

Basbusa or Basbousa: A sweet cake which is made with coconut, yogurt, semolina, eggs and almond topping.



Baklava: A sweet pastry which has layers of paper thin dough filled with chopped pista, almond and other dry fruits and held together by sugar syrup or sometimes honey.



Many more items to be added onto this list. Please feel free to leave comments below…..


Al Fahad Al Arabi

A food joint very close to the place where I was staying and open 24×7 so I was curious to check what they were offering and found a wide variety of options in their menu and that definitely got me interested in visiting it one afternoon

At first glance the place is very small with just one table and 4 chairs inside and loads of people coming in and out at regular intervals. Upon inquiry found out that they give tea for 1Dh & Shawarma for 4Dh and that attracts a lot of workers and labourers who are employed in the nearby construction sites.

The 20-25 minutes I was there, there must have been atleast 20-30 tea’s that were poured or taken away by different people. I am a occasional tea drinker but curiosity got the better of me and I ordered one for myself and It was decent. Milk used for tea is from Rainbow Company and one of the key reasons it is liked by many

Shawarma is one of the few items that are available almost everywhere in the gulf. At 4Dh I found it to be the cheapest but that didn’t mean that they were cutting corners in any way. The meat and the ingredients used were good quality ones. I would give it a 3.5/5


After the shawarma I still had room for more and decided to try their zinger burger with lemon juice (medium-Size) and was surprised with the zinger burger,the bun was soft and the chicken inside was tasty. loved it


Zinger Burger



Lemon Juice

Subsequent visits made me a fan of their fries. At 6Dh you get a nice box of hot french fries and they will happily throw in mayo dip for takeaway’s if you ask them. Must have ordered 3-4 times already in the last week or so

They have many items which are not on the menu which are VFM(Value for Money) , will try and update my review accordingly with them Ex: Samosa, Cream Bun, Fruit Bun Etc which are visually appealing but yet to be tried.




Al Fahad Al Arabi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Spice 6 – The Global Cuisine

Spice 6 – A name synonymous with Arabic & Lebanese cuisine and one of my favorite places in Hyderabad which I visit quite often with friends and family alike.

Started in August’14 by Mr. Khaja Yousuf who is quite well known in the culinary world for being associated with Mak’s kitchen earlier and also running Woodbridge hotel’s food and beverage section. He has also undertaken food and catering orders across India for  big corporate houses, parties, marriage functions , concerts etc.

It is easy to locate on the banjara hills main road opp.the old music world which got closed,I was amazed at the ambiance. Good seating capacity, brightly lit , very tidy . they also have Family section on the first floor.

As soon as you are about to enter Spice 6 you are witness to the date palm tree which gives a middle eastern feeling even before you step in. The ground floor which is the common dining area doubles up as a bistro serving smoothies, mocktails, shakes finger food, coffee and other small delectable items

Food :
Saudi Champagne (non-alcoholic) – It was one of the most amazing drinks I have ever tasted . It is a mock tail of sorts , didn’t get info about the recipe to make it but it has orange, apple pieces in it among other stuff.

Tried the chicken shawarma and having had it across Hyderabad I would say that they make the best one with soft pita bread , good amount of chicken , fresh garlic sauce provided. Nothing else could scream satisfaction more than this. Similarly, you get mutton shawarma as well.

Kebab platter – we ordered for mixed platter(Fish,Prawn, Mutton,Chicken) – We got Grilled mutton which was superb, saute prawns which were good, grilled fish was succulent and moist -its flavor was nice , Murg Nawabi kebab – was one of the best I ever had.

Coming to the main course it is and always will be Khabsa Laham – One of the best you can ever have. Saffron colored rice with dry fruits and a piece of mutton placed on top of the rice is by itself drool worthy. The meat is so soft and succulent that if you lift the mutton piece the bone falls off from it.


Amazing range of desserts, Hugely popular Baklava is available in two varieties ( Baklava & Finger Baklava)  they are superbly tasty I might add.
Tried their Badami Kheer , Kunafa, Sitaphal rabdi all were superb.

Spice 6 - The Global Cuisine Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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