Hyderabad Social

Hyderabad Social is located in an upmarket area of Banjara Hills on Road no.12

Ambiance: There is inside and outside seating area, inside has wood panel work done all across , has quirky messages written in photo frames hung on a brick wall. A motor bike also added to the aesthetics. Then came the not so great things…Tables unclean, Sofa’s torn , vessel’s being used for buffet servings with rust on them , kitchen utensil Peel (with an extended handle) – A shovel like tool for stirring in big cauldron, (Kabgir) was used to scrap the floor of a sticky substance. No idea if it was to being used again in the kitchen  




Outside section is primarily for Hukkah lovers or for people who love to sit in an open area. Afternoons might be sultry most of the times, evenings pleasant

Service : 16’th Oct was World Food day and I had lot of expectations on the “THE LATE LATEEF BRUNCH!”event that I had attended. Those expectations were cut short by an epic margin as a big restaurant like Hyderabad Social dished out poor quality lack luster stuff which I haven’t seen in any food event across all groups The management took the words late lateef quite literally in everything, event was to start at 12 and one hour into the event the table and everything else was still getting readied.


Food: 50 hungry people most of whom didn’t even had their breakfast were waiting for the starters which came in such small portions that it was only enough was 4-5 people, finally managed to get some in the 3rd and 4th round only to find the Chicken Malai Kebab so salty that I could barely finish one piece, feedback was given salt was lesser in the next round but no significant improvement in taste overall.

It was the turn of Chicken Angara kebab to get into the high salty mode as the new round had excessive salt in it. Couldn’t find the logic behind excessive salt usage in 2 different dishes. Golden fried baby corns were without salt altogether & the Veg spring roll had its wrapper with so many layers and very less amount of vegetables that it was difficult to understand if we are eating the wrapper or the veggies inside.

The Veg Pasta was wrong from the get go, the milk appeared to have been added when the pot was too hot as it had a burnt smell and taste to it.

The mock tail Virgin Mojito was the saving grace in the first round and when I tried it the second time it didn’t have any syrup , third time no lemon flavor at all as it was not mixed properly.



 While the adults were waiting to pounce on the starters as and when they were being brought out of the kitchen, saw bunch of kids who kept on coming to the buffet table 3 times to take non veg starters but couldn’t get through the adults line only to return empty handed. I kind off lost my appetite after that and didn’t dare to try the main course or the desserts

Overall: The place might be doing great business on the account of hookah and young crowd it attracts, but not re-investing in keeping things in order and clean , service issues months after being open is not expected



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    Sankeerth Shinde
    October 27, 2016 at 6:54 pm

    Agreed!! Going by the name of the restaurant, what came across from them on that day was a surprise for me too.!!

    But still, I’d like to pay another visit to Hyderabad Social during any night and see what comes over.

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