Zekrayat Al Sham Cafeteria

This place came well recommended by folks residing in this area. Going by their feedback, I was tempted to try it immediately.

Manakish being cooked

At first glance it appeared to be a small outlet with an oven furnace on the side and 3-4 chefs preparing dishes and putting them in the oven

This is a common style of cooking here and I had only seen this for the wood fired/Oven fired pizza’s

Dishes that I have tried here:

Kraft with options like honey/olive/tomato/zaatar/shatta/mortadella/sausage – Kraft is a popular cheese available almost everywhere in the Middle East. This sandwich has kraft cheese as the primary ingredient and options are secondary for you to add. All the options are excellent


Labneh with options like Shatta/mint/olive/zaatar/falafel/honey/sausage/barakeh/veg – Labneh is like a yoghurt cheese which is very popular in the Middle East. A generous topping of labneh is present in all the sandwiches they offer.

Labneh with shatta

Labneh with Shatta


Kashkawan with options like Zaatar/egg/shatta/meat/chicken/mortadella/hotdog – Kashkawan is a type of cheese which is primarily used as a topping on manakeesh(flat bread) .The flat dough is folded and then pinch closed and put in the oven so that the cheese melts properly from the inside as well.




Shamia with options like Zaatar/egg/shatta/meat/chicken/mortadella/hotdog – Shamia is a small oval bread with small topping inside it



Manakeesh with options like Spinach/zaatar/meat/chicken/shatta/shatta zaatar/falafel/hotdog – Manakeesh is a flat circular bread just like pita bread which has zaatar as the most popular topping, we tried the same with chicken as the topping as well and it was nice.

Zaatar Manakish

Za’atar Manakish


With the prices that they offer these at, it is a complete value for money and well recommended for their fast service and amazing taste.


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