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Guilt Trip

First branch of Guilt Trip opened in Mumbai in 2012 by Yogi, Avinash, Chait, Sheeba and garnered an amazing response which lead to the owners opening another branch in Banjara hills,Hyderabad.

Here as well , it had a set of loyal guilt seeking followers who thronged to this place to satiate their craving for their lip smacking desserts. Expansion plans lead them to open this outlet in Madhapur area on the 21st of October. Additionally they have two franchises as well in Bangalore and Thane taking the Guilt trip outlets count to five overall.

To manage outlets & franchises at different locations needs skill and who better to do it than people who know their stuff, for example one of the managing partners Mr.Yogi Mendu has a Masters in finance and also heads a constructions firm. Planning and execution is his forte and it definitely shows.

Ambiance: An L shaped design with two entrances on either side of the road. The first one from the main road has the cash counter and display counter of all the delicacies, the second entrance opens to the dining area. From the decor to the entire setup inside is a class apart. Usage of black color for the walls and loads of mirrors adds a different feel to it.

Food: “Guilt Trip”  The name by itself screams that it is a place for amazing sinful desserts and the true testament to this fact are their legendary cheese cakes and cup cakes

My personal favorites : Red Velvet Cheese Cake, Blueberry Cheese Cake, Strawberry Cheese Cake – All three have amazing cream cheese on it , the texture , taste & quality is top notch. The crust is just crisp enough to break but not crumble with a spoon


Blueberry Cheese Cake



Caramel Cheese Cake


Strawberry Cheese Cake


Tried some of their cupcakes and mini cupcakes as well and all of them are delicious.







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Moti Mahal Delux Tandoori Trail

Moti Mahal is a popular name in the north and having had many branches across India it was safe to assume that it would land here in the city of the Nawab’s as well. This franchise at Gachibowli is headed by Mr. Vivek Vardhan who I had met during my initial visit for a foodie event

Ambiance: It is a fine dine restaurant with dimly lit interiors which gives it an old rustic feel, from outside at first glance this might look odd but you gradually get used to the subtle lighting

Food: I have been reviewing restaurant’s on Zomato for about 2 years now and very rarely have I upgraded a score for an establishment from a 3.5 to 4.5 which is a significantly rare occurrence

What transpired and how it achieved it is in the review below:

My first visit to this place was an year back for a foodies event had me try Jaljeera with khari bondi , Chicken Manchow soup,Chicken spring rolls ,Tandoori Chicken,Fish amritsari,Dal Makhani
Butter chicken,Dal Ghost,Laccha paratha, butter naan , plain naan were given as part of the bread basket,Chicken biryani, Paneer lababdar , Dahi ke kebab,Veg navratan pulao,Gajar ka halwa

This time Vivek was attending to all of us personally to ensure that each and every dish that we were served was top notch,

Spicy Tomato Soup – There was nothing special about the soup but it was spicy so I enjoyed it a lot


Spicy Tomato Soup



Strawberry Delight,Fruit Punch,Summer Love,Virgin Mojito – All the drinks were good but Virgin Mojito stole the show for me


Virgin Mojito


Strawberry Delight

Starters: Huge array of starters followed Kastori Kebab,Tandoori Chicken,Tandoori Fish,Dahi ke Kebab,Chilli Chicken,Mutton Gilafi Kebab,Murgh Malai Kebab,Paneer Tikka


Kastori Kebab



Paneer Tikka


Tandoori Fish




Murgh Malai Kebab

For once I can safely say that all the starters were top notch where Mutton Gilafi kebab was excellent. Gilaf means cover in Hindi/Urdu, as the name goes mutton pieces are wrapped & covered with an egg covering making it an excellent item to have as soon as you cut it open


Mutton Gilafi Kebab

North is famous for Tandoori Chicken and we had to order that which turned out to be amazing, pieces were well marinated and juicy. Temperature in a tandoor is not constant and making sure that the chicken pieces are cooked correctly is an art and it was done flawlessly


Tandoori Chicken

Dahi Ke kebab is a subtle dish which is supposed to a non-spicy and based on individual taste buds , you can use the green chutney to increase your flavor accordingly. I found it to be a good palate cleanser from all the spicy and flavorful dishes we were hogging


Dahi ke Kebab,


Chilli chicken falls under the Chinese cuisine but the dish served here surprised me, spicy, hot and flavorful


Chilli Chicken


As we were full with the starters itself I ordered lesser quantity of main course to avoid wastage

Butter Chicken,Mutton Rogan Josh along with Dal Makhani – Having had butter chicken in my previous visit I wasn’t expecting a great deal of change in the taste but to my utter shock this turned out to be one of the best dishes of the evening. Made exactly how it is supposed to be in the north where the butter in the dish leaves a slight sweet after taste


Butter Chicken


Mutton rogan josh had soft mutton pieces and an amazing gravy which went well with the assortment of breads we were given i.e Veg Kulcha, Garlic Naan, Green Chilli Paratha, Butter Naan.


Mutton rogan josh



Garlic Naan



Veg Kulcha


Dal Makhani was served in a small bucket like vessel with a generous helping of butter on top, this went amazingly well with the Zeera rice


Dal Makhani


Zeera Rice


Dessert had us try their Kulfi Falooda which needed serious improvement and the feedback was received positively


Kulfi Falooda





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Diner’s Pavilion

Diner’s Pavilion had received rave reviews from a lot of foodies and when a foodie group(HOMP hyd) launched an event there. It was a no brainer that I had to attend it.


Location: 4th Floor of the building which houses Creamstone, this is an easy find in the Gachibowli area and visible from the main road.

Ambiance: As soon as you enter any restaurant the first thing that strikes you is the ambiance and they scoring the maximum in this department as it is elegantly designed with nice interiors. 2 PDR’s with TV’s for private gatherings/meetings/Corporate events. The main area has a big TV for public viewing , great for matches. Electric fire place is a nice touch, gives the feel of US homes where the TV’s are above the fire place so that they can be warm and watch TV as well.





Metallic rings & innovative light fixtures and chandeliers, royal chair designs and all screamed hardwork and money spent to give this place a regal look

Food:  We had a fixed menu setup for the event where we were served Mocktails first: Black Avalanche, Peach and Apricot Delight. Both the drinks didn’t evoke a wow response, the black avalanche had its syrup in excess which made it quite strong, subsequent feedback it was reduced


Black Avalanche, Peach and Apricot Delight

Starters(Veg): Cha Gio Chay (Vietnamese Veggie Crunchy Rolls),Punjabi Subz ki Tikki with Date and Fig Chutney. Cha Gio Chay was excellent and I must have eaten at least 10-12 pieces & Punjabi Subz ki Tikki was a little dry than I had expected


Cha Gio Chay (Vietnamese Veggie Crunchy Rolls)



Punjabi Subz ki Tikki with Date and Fig Chutney

Starters(Non-Veg):Togarashi Mahi- Mahi – A dry fish dish which was served hot and was tasty , Chilly Plum Chicken Wings with Sesame was good, Hariyali Murgh Tikka with Hari Chutney was the highlight of the afternoon where the chicken was tender and spicy, Rosemary Mutton Sheek with Garlic Cream sauce also was good as the minced mutton was soft and not chewy at all


Togarashi Mahi- Mahi



Hariyali Murgh Tikka with Hari Chutney


Rosemary Mutton Sheek with Garlic Cream sauce



Chilly Plum Chicken Wings with Sesame


Main Course (Veg): Phool Makhana aur Paneer kalimirch, Thai Massaman Mushroom & Tofu, Spinach & Cottage Cheese Enchilada – Veg dishes turned out to be better than I had hoped for


Phool Makhana aur Paneer kalimirch


Main Course (Non-Veg): Lahori Karahi Murgh enriched with Creamy Yoghurt, Thai Green Chicken Curry, Greek Style Egg Plant, Zuccini & Lamb Lasagna with Breads, Naan’s Steam Rice & Basil scented fried rice. Lamb lasagna would have been better out of the entire lot , thick slices of eggplant kind off  ruined the taste


Thai Green Chicken Curry



Lahori Karahi Murgh enriched with Creamy Yoghurt



Basil scented fried rice

Dessert: Qubani Cheese Cake, Flourless Chocolate Cake – Smaller portion were served which was a great idea to ensure no wastage, both the items, were nice


Qubani Cheese Cake, Flourless Chocolate Cake

Good food, Great Ambiance & Excellent foodies in one go.



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Jonathan’s Kitchen

I always wanted to visit Jonathan’s Kitchen but due to few religious restrictions didn’t go there since they started their operations. Foodie group HOMP Hyd led by Javed Mohammed & Zubair chose Oct 2’nd for an event as it is a dry day and additionally requested the management to avoid serving any pork or beef items during the course of the event. Care was ensured in the kitchen so as to conform to the requirements mentioned by him.


For a place like Jonathan’s Kitchen which just started its operations in Jan’15 by Raashid Ali & having him at the helm is certainly praiseworthy for the excellent food that we got to savor during the event.


Kiwi Kiss, Litchi Splash, Strawberry Passion, Aam Panna, Jal Jeera

“The Leisure lunch” as the event title went had many of its members coming in after the stipulated time so the people who had come in early got to know one another over some tasty mock tails. Kiwi Kiss, Litchi Splash, Strawberry Passion, Aam Panna, Jal Jeera. For me the Kiwi Kiss stood out as it was flavorful and tasty

Starters followed where we first received a wide variety of Veg starters, we didn’t complain as we wanted to try all the dishes on the event menu.

Achari Paneer Tikka was good but it didn’t have any spiciness that I had hoped for, Falafel Kebab were nice, the crispy corn pepper salt was the better of the three Veg starters.


Achari Paneer Tikka



Falafel Kebab



Crispy Corn Pepper Salt

Non-veg starters had Nawabi Shikampuri , Satay Chicken and the Focaccia Al Pollo where all three were delicious but Nawabi Shikampuri stole the show for me. Repeated servings ensued till we were satisfied we had enough


Nawabi Shikampuri



Satay Chicken



Focaccia Al Pollo

In the salad section we had the Ceaser salad (N.Veg) and the Insalata Roccola (Veg) where the former was the tastier of the two. Soups had Zucchini ala Parmigiana(Veg) & Tom Yum Goong (N.V) where I preferred the non veg version again.


Caeser Salad



Zucchini ala Parmigiana

Gorging on the starters proved to be an hindrance as I couldn’t touch the Veg main course except trying out 2 slices of their Margarita Pizza.

The Non Veg main course boasted of Penne Alfredo, Spring Chicken, Thai Red Curry , Chicken Burger, Mutton Biryani. All the 5 items turned out to be good where Spring chicken was the best as it was soft and juicy when it was piping hot, picture sessions along with having the entire main course present at the same time made the dish cold and less tasty later, no fault of the management in any way. Biryani is something which majority of the high end outlets falter on & fortunately it was better than what I had expected. Notable mention for the Thai red curry as well which was tasty but I would have preferred to have it with fried rice


Penne Alfredo



Mutton Biryani




Chicken Burger



Spring Chicken



Thai Red Curry

Desserts section had Gulab Jamun , Blueberry cheese cake & Ice creams. Both the desserts were okay but didn’t evoke a sense of wow or that craving to have it multiple times.


Gulab Jamun



Blueberry Cheese Cake


Overall : All the items served were good , live music by Shawn Pereira DoCarmo was pleasant and easy on the ears and not a single dish could be termed as bad at all which was wonderful. Kudos to the admins for executing a great event.

A special mention for the kitchen staff along with Chef Naveen Nagaraj that ensured that every dish sent across was tasty, appealing, presentable and photogenic.


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Nice Juice Centre – Tolichowki

Nice Juice Center – Their First branch was opened by Mohd. Abdul Nasser in the year 1985 & still run by him at M.G Road Sec’bad and 30 yrs later in 2015 his two sons Mohd. Abdul Malik and Mohd. Abdul Khader opened their second branch in the Tolichowki Area.

It is typically a Fruit Juice and Chaat Center with few amazing specialties on the menu which makes them stand apart from the local vendors you might find in your locality

Ambiance: Indoor seating has a capacity of 24 whereas outdoor can handle around 26 folks. Pictures of fruits and their benefits adorn the wall , a semi covered kitchen area is visible where you have people busy preparing stuff, 2 stalls outside where one prepares chaat items and the other provides Pani Puri

Service: At peak times it tends to be very slow as many of the items on the menu are prepared fresh and they take time. Inquire with the waiter on the amount of time it would take if you are in a hurry

Food: Their Chaat menu consists of Ragda Chaat, Samosa Chaat, Pav-Bhaji, Pani-Puri along with their different variants which are all amazing and definitely value for money when it comes to Quality/Quantity vs Price.

They also serve different varieties of Pizza, Grilled & Normal Sandwiches as well. With a price range of Rs.50-70 for the sandwiches and Rs.90-120 for the Pizza, it is definitely affordable and quite a hit with the college going crowd which frequent this place in the afternoons
Primarily a juice center where they serve seasonal varieties like strawberry, mango, sitaphal, avacado apart from the regular ones and also few dry fruit specials which are amazing in taste

Few of their specialties are:
• Dry Fruit Overload/ Khuwate Jin : Loosely translated it means “Strength of a Jinn” (A supernatural creature with strength) – A concoction of Almond, Pistachio , Dates, Pine nuts, Walnut, Cashew nuts, Anjeer(Figs), Raisins mixed with fresh cream and made into a paste. It is served with a small scoop of ice cream in between and topped with all dry fruits


Dry Fruit Overload/Khuwate Jin

• Mulberry Cream: As the name suggests Mulberry is given along with Fresh Cream, one of the tastiest and popular items here

• Arabian Salad: It’s a dry fruit salad where all the dry fruits are first fried in Ghee and then made into a paste, then the mixture is topped with the regular dry fruits and served


Arabian Salad


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V Junction Global Eatery


V Junction Global Eatery is the new kid on the food scene with multi cuisine buffet and ala carte options. This was started by Veer Vijay Singh and his two sons Vishwaveer and Suryaveer Singh,Veer Vijay Singh was part of Taj group earlier and started the trance group of Hotels & Resorts and V Junction is one of their brands serving global cuisine, His son Suryaveer Singh was part of 4 seasons group of Hotels where he refined his culinary and customer service skills before heading this restaurant. It always pays to have the right set of people heading a restaurant who know what to deliver in terms of service and quality.

As part of the Desi Foodies group we had organised an event here for 40 people and the following review is the culmination of the event and subsequent visits before and after the event.

Located prominently in Banjara Hills opp. City Centre mall, it is quite an easy find with its usage of glass display on the exterior and a large V being displayed in the middle

Ambiance:  Large seating options which can accommodate around 120 ppl with 2 PDR which has option of being made into a bigger seating area based on the seating requirements. Good for family parties and corporate gatherings. They also have a separate area with a glass enclosure which great for parties, watching those cricket matches on a big projector or just plain and simple letting your hair down and partying with the great music system with a DJ console that has been setup. Great thing is that the glass is sound proof and the people dining outside will not get disturbed
Service: One of the few places where you can see each and every person serve you with a smile on their face, we have had 40 people making each and every member of their staff run around and they did so with utmost ease and without a single frown on their face. Kudos!!!

Food: The name Global Eatery is quite apt as they serve a variety of cuisines under one roof viz. Indian, Eurasian and Oriental in the a la carte section. Most of these dishes are available in the buffet section as well.

Mocktails: I have tried their Green garden which had Mint, Apple Juice & Kiwi, Strawberry lemonade and both of them were nice.




We had a wide range of starters available for the event; few of the ones that I had tasted were amazing

Dimsums: We had 2 Veg and 2 Non Veg options provided, Crystal vegetable dumpling, Mushroom dumpling, Prawn Har gao, Chicken dumpling where the Prawn Har gao was the tastiest and warranted multiple repeats

Sushi’s:  We had 2 Veg and 2 Non Veg options available Vegetarian tempura maki,Vegetarian Futo maki, Non veg- spicy crabstick maki, Non veg- salmon cheese roll out of which the Spicy crabstick maki stood out as a clear winner.  For their Oriental cuisine they have a separate Chef who had previously worked in popular 5 star establishments across the globe and the main person behind delivering tasty sushi’s

The sushi’s were served with the usual Soy sauce, Wasabi and Gari (Pickled Ginger)
Marmalade Prawns – The sweet and spicy flavored tasty prawns were served piping hot and gobbled up pretty quickly, one of the recommended items in the starters section which you shouldn’t miss



Butter Chicken – This dish in the main course section deserves a special mention, special north style preparation which is tasty and delicious and goes amazingly well with Butter Naan. I kinda got greedy and ate more than I would have liked to. This dish is not available in the buffet and has to be ordered separately via the a-la-carte menu
Biryani – This was one dish that I had pointed out which needed improvement during my first visit , the management worked on it and ensured that they fix it before the event

There were 6 options in desserts other than the Ice creams and unfortunately we were not able to taste them as the foodies finished the delicious items in no time, I had tasted Cappuccino cream Brulee, Chocolate pudding, Almond chocolate cake in my previous visit 5 days back and they were amazing. They have procured a new oven and will be increasing the items in the buffet shortly

On multiple occasions that I have been to this place I have seen Surya look after each and every aspect of the business, from attending to the customers, to getting the dishes from the kitchen, getting things replaced, checking with the customers about their experience. With this hand on approach I am sure that this place will definitely do wonders


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Capital Kitchen

A new fine dine restaurant in the Madhapur area serving a multitude of cuisines under one roof, Owned by Rakesh Agarwal & Kunal Kankaria (Kunal also runs a catering company Can O’Peas along with his wife in the begumpet area) who ensured to keep good food and great ambiance

Me along with my friends decided to visit this place for Lunch on 22nd July’16

Location: Next to D-Mart and opposite Ci Gusta, on the 4th Floor Madhapur

Ambiance: Subtle lighting, nice décor, private dining area for corporate/family gatherings were spot on.





Food:  We were waiting for our friend to join so we asked for the mocktail menu and were informed that they have limited options as they are waiting for liquor license to start their mocktail and cocktail section, placed the order and while we waited for the drink to arrive we were served bread sticks with mayo dip which was a nice option to have before you start your meal


Our order of Mocktails arrived i.e Cuddles on the beach, Virgin Mojito and Peach delight, all three were okay


Peach delight



Virgin Mojito


Starters: Yoghurt Spicy Vegetable Balls, Thai Basil Black Pepper Chicken, Crusted Spicy Water Chestnuts

Yoghurt Spicy Vegetable balls were just like Manchuria but with a Yoghurt base, flavorful and tasty but the quantity was less compared to the price


Yoghurt Spicy Vegetable balls


Thai Black Pepper Chicken was the tastiest dish of the afternoon, well made and tasty but again the quantity for me was very less


Thai Black Pepper Chicken


Crusted Spicy Water Chestnuts were too hard and we found it difficult to bite and chew it, it was promptly replaced and was better in the next round, the chef personally took the feedback and ensured it is fixed.


Crusted Spicy Water Chestnuts

Nigiri Tuna One of the few places that serve Sushi so we wanted to try it, my friend who is not used to eating sushi didn’t like it at all. I however enjoyed it with the pickled ginger, wasabi & soya sauce. Chef Francis Lim has worked in many 5 star establishments and an expert in Oriental Cuisine


Nigiri Tuna


For the Main course we went ahead and ordered for the Paneer Tikka Biryani and it was very tasty and flavorful, the paneer pieces were well marinated and soft. It was mildly spicy and went well with the raita and mirchi ka salan



Paneer Tikka Biryani

Overall: Taste, Quality were top notch no doubt on that. Quantity Vs Price is what would be a deterrent for me, it is a fine dine definitely but on the higher side for the quantity we were served


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Little Dragon

Big things come in small packages and that saying is apt for this place. A small place which serves delicious lip smacking Chinese delicacies at affordable prices. The place is run by Mahesh who has tremendous amount of experience in handling different cuisines and also associated with Swathi Tiffin Center outlets across the city.

Ambiance: Very little to speak of , 3 wooden bench style tables – 1 inside and 2 outside and can accommodate 12-15 people on average, A glass partition inside where you can see the kitchen and the chefs are busy at work making your order, A small table fan which takes care of all the three tables. Not much to look at but you can also park your car and get served in it or go for take away if the outdoor style seating is not appealing for you

Location: Vijaynagar Colony, Lane beside St.Ann’s School, easily visible on the road

Food: My First tryst with this place was when a close friend of mine asked me to try the food at this outlet as he had heard great reviews from another friend. So both of us decided to explore this place and try their offerings.

Landed for dinner on 18th Aug’16 and asked for suggestions from the waiter, as we wanted boneless chicken and little crunchy we were suggested to go for Pepper Chicken and for the main course he suggested that we try their Chinese Chopsuey with Red Sauce which is tasty and spicy, authentic is white which is also served if asked for. Got the pepper chicken and it was crunchy and flavorful just as the waiter had mentioned, then came the Chopsuey and then everything went in a different direction altogether in the best possible way. The noodles were crisp and fried properly, the gravy was piping hot and with enough amounts of spices to get rid of any cold you may have, the boiled vegetables (Cauliflower, Mushroom, Beans, etc) were soft and easy to eat and the chicken was tender as well. Since we had asked for Spicy version we definitely got our money’s worth.

Pepper Chicken

Pepper Chicken

Chinese Chopsuey

Chinese Chopsuey

Subsequent visits had me try their Chilly Chicken, Schezwan Fried Rice where the chilly chicken gravy turned out to be one of the best ones I have had in recent times in that price range, Schezwan fried rice was okay and had nothing extra ordinary to boast about but at that price range it is certainly a nice option

Chilly Chicken

Chilly Chicken


Schezwan Chicken

Schezwan Chicken

Place is 3 years old and expansion plans are in progress to increase the seating and move the kitchen further inside where they used to have their store room, addition of Indian cuisine and early morning south Indian tiffins & evening chat bhandar are also being explored.

Already a fan of their Chinese food, will have to wait and watch what they would come up with next which I am sure would be worth it.


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Khaan Saab (Gachibowli)

Restaurant Visit Date: 25th Aug 2016

Time: Lunch

Ambiance: A nice elaborate setup which can be expected out of any BJN food franchise  with nicely done up interiors , a giant elephant statue on the entrance, 3 flaming charcoals LED display and 3 PDR’s whose focus was aimed to attract the corporate crowd of Hitec and Gachibowli and their for private dining. During our time there I had noticed 3 corporate groups of 10+ members each busy chitchatting and catching up on team lunches.





Food: 4 fellow foodies gathered along with me on a Thursday lunch as we had received rave reviews from others about the food. What followed was a roller coaster ride in terms of taste

What happened? Read on…. To know more

The first thing that I look and order when I visit a restaurant is the mocktails, Order one immediately and then leisurely look at the starters and main course while they get you your drink. Here I was hugely disappointed 3 mocktails on the menu and all of them turned out to be below expectations

Apple Pineapple ka Panna – Tasted like Panipuri water, made me doubt as to what exactly was served

Apple Pineapple ka Panna

Apple Pineapple ka Panna

Badam Thandai – Almost no taste of badam more of saffron, so strong that it was overpowering everything else, couldn’t finish the glass and I was using it as a palate cleanser between dishes

Badam Thandai

Badam Thandai

Sodewali Shikanjvi – Masala Nimbu pani was a tad better than the other two mocktails

Sodewali Shikanjvi

Sodewali Shikanjvi

If the start of the lunch was this poor, the expectations for the remainder of the meal looked dismal

Moving on to the Starters:

Malai prawns were decent in taste, a little overdone as there were charred at few places but still tasty. I found it to be expensive for such a small quantity Rs.490 for 6-7 pieces (size of the prawns was small and the ingredients in use are not that expensive to warrant that price)

Malai Jhinga

Malai Jhinga

Lal Mirch ka Teekha Tikka was supposed to be spicy just by the name itself and it was anything but spicy, the chicken appeared to have been just taken out of cold storage and made in a hurry as the chicken didn’t thaw properly and was watery when cut

Lal Mirch ka Teekha Tikka

Lal Mirch ka Teekha Tikka

Tunde Kebab was a disappointment; the slight crispiness of the outer portion was not there as it wasn’t grilled/barbecued properly. The meat was soft no doubt but so finely done and without or less of a binding compound made it break into smaller pieces and difficult to eat

Tundey Kebab

Tundey Kebab

The Manager replaced it with Talahuwa Gosht which was not so great either as the meat was not marinated properly and the flavor didn’t reach into the meat

Tala Hua Gosht

Tala Hua Gosht

Main Course:

For the Main course we ordered Rogan Josh & Murgh kali mirchi ka tikka masala along with assortment of breads. Rogan josh turned out to be much better than I had hoped going by the poor starters we had few minutes back, Murgh kali mirchi was nice and flavorful as well. Both of them fared well with the Hari Mirchi ka Paratha (My Fav of the lot) , Pudina Paratha, Garlic Naan, Malai Paratha, Burani Paratha

Rogan josh

Rogan josh

Murgh Kali mirch ka tikka masala

Murgh Kali mirch ka tikka masala

the spread

Assortment of Naan’s


Meal is not complete without some rice so ordered for Murgh Parat Biryani which was cooked and served in Parat (Vessel) , chicken pieces were well marinated and the rice was flavorful, it didn’t require any accompaniments

Murgh Parat Biryani

Murgh Parat Biryani


We were not that interested in Desserts when we were informed that Malai Kulfi was not available, we ordered Litchi ke tehri and it didn’t hit the right notes on the taste and sweetness front so we decided not to experiment anymore.

Litchi ki tehri

Litchi ki tehri

The manager insisted that we try single portions of the remaining desserts that they had in stock.

Gajar ka halwa scored top points as it was tasty with just the right amount of sweetness, followed by Qubani ka meetha which had nice and sweet apricots, Gulab Jamun for a change turned out to be good as well

Gajar ka Halwa

Gajar ka Halwa


Kubani Ka Meetha

Kubani Ka Meetha

Overall Verdict: Less options in mocktails , Average/Bad Starters followed by Good Main Course and Desserts failed to garner any promote ability from me.

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Up The Bistro

The word bistro means a small restaurant serving inexpensive or moderately prices dishes in a decent setting.

Olive bistro first set the precedence by being one of the best in its class but it was anything but light on the pocket , there are few new ones which have come up in the recent months who are good i.e they are pocket friendly and don’t cost a bomb.

‘Up The Bistro’ a fairly new place was the talk of the foodie world and being promoted by Zubair who recently became the business manager at the restaurant.

Location: Near Maulana Azad University Lane Entrance , Beside the Gachibowli Flyover in the same building that houses Chinese Pavilion Restaurant

Ambiance : Located on the roof top just beside the road and the flyover , you would expect too much noise which apparently isn’t the case. It was bearable during the entire duration we were there. (7pm-9:30pm or so). They have four options for your seating comfort. Closed space which has A/C and a television screen if you want no noise and just want to enjoy your meal this is the place to be.

The open air covered roof top setup is ideal for the evening times and for enjoying hukkah and chatting with friends, a small setup in on the same floor which can be converted into a private dining area for families or couples who like to enjoy a romantic setup. Live bands & music session was setup in that space on more than one occasion in the recent past which unfortunately I was not part of.

A small staircase leads to the open terrace where you have additional seating available , breezy atmosphere at the top but dimly lit. Good for private parties and office treats

The interiors were done up well but it was not something unique or stood out as having an ultra-glam look

Feedback : Valet parking was not available and if you park in front of Café Coffee day , there is a possibility of getting stuck if someone double parks and boxes you in

Food :

I wanted to try the food so I joined Karthik and Zubair for dinner one evening & we let Zubair select the dishes and ended up ordering Non-Veg Starters directly which were

Asian Chilli Chicken, Chilli lamb, Delhi Fried Chicken, Talawa Gosht,

Talahuwa Gosht

Talahuwa Gosht

Chilli Lamb

Chilli Lamb

Asian Chilli Chicken

Asian Chilli Chicken

Delhi Fried Chicken

Delhi Fried Chicken

Almost all the dishes were good, but didn’t give me a wow feel to it. Standard run of the mill tried and tasted similar dishes elsewhere. A dish which makes me crave coming back again and again was not these unfortunately, will have to try their remaining offerings to update the review accordingly

Talawa Gosht had the mutton pieces a little undercooked, a minute more on the pan would have made it better.


Main Course :  Ordered some Butter Naan & Chicken Lababdar, it was tasty and flavorful then we tried the Tawa Biryani, if you do not compare it with the regular dum biryani then it is much better. Biryani was tasty and can hold its own and didn’t require any accompaniments

Tawa Biryani

Tawa Biryani

Chicken Lababdar

Chicken Lababdar

Desserts: Blueberry cheese cake was amazing, having had that in so many places across India and Abroad. It came as a pleasant surprise when i took the first bite, it was moist and creamy with a soft crust. It is one of the dishes on the menu that is a must have on all accounts.


Blueberry Cheese Cake

Starters were good, main course better & last but not the least the dessert stole the show & sealed the deal for me

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